Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit (Day 2)

By: Jacqueline Vail
February 24, 2022
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We concluded our Datanova 2022: The Data Mesh Summit with a second day of incredible educational content! We hope you all enjoyed our sessions from Day 1, and now, let’s dive into highlights from Day 2:

The State of Data: Annual Survey Results

In this session, Tom Nats, Director of Solutions at Starburst, Kark Eklund, Principal Architect at Red Hat, and William Schnoeppner, Director of Research and Consulting at EMA, discuss the latest results of the State of Data survey. They discuss everything from how the pandemic is affecting data to how more and more organizations are moving towards a decentralized data architecture.

“Data has become more critical across the board over the last two years during the pandemic,” says Schnoeppner. Panelists agree that the most successful organizations are ones that make having accurate and up-to-date data a top priority and who have made the transition to a decentralized data architecture. Along with this, panelists also discuss the importance of automation, data science, and machine learning in making data access and consumption as efficient as possible.

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Are you Data Mesh Ready? Take the Data Mesh Readiness Assessment.

A Data Mesh establishes a framework (technology, people, and process) to integrate data from any source and transform it into meaningful data products. Starburst’s VP of Data Mesh Consulting Services, Adrian Estala, discusses how to know if you and your team are ready to adopt a Data Mesh. In this session, Adrian elaborates on the Data Mesh journey.  He discusses putting together a strategy that aligns with your business goals first: “Ultimately, you design the scope for your own Mesh.” This includes considering value, sponsorship, and maturity. This session includes a hands-on Data Mesh Readiness Assessment to determine where you are in the Data Mesh journey. 

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Atlan: Unlocking the Value of a Data Mesh Through Active Metadata

Metadata has exploded in size and scale, which makes it difficult for organizations to access it and leverage it to its fullest potential. In this session, Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder at Atlan, discusses the key components of a metadata platform and how it powers the Data Mesh architecture: “Metadata is really to glue to unlock value in your Data Mesh.”

By being able to unify your metadata from all your tools, data teams will be able to make intelligent connections and pass the information to their downstream users. Utilizing metadata is really about creating a personalized experience for all of your users. 

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Starburst Galaxy Lab with the Trino Co-Creators

In this session, attendees were able to get a close-up look into Starburst Galaxy, our fully-managed cloud offering with the Trino Co-Creators, Dain Sundstrom, David Philips, and Martin Traverso, along with Brian Olsen, Developer Advocate at Starburst. They demonstrated how you can set up catalogs in AWS and run queries. They also demoed incredible Galaxy features like Insights, auditing, security roles, and cluster scaling. Martin says, “One of the core features of Trino, and Presto before that is the ability to query data from different sources at the same time… and then you can access all your data wherever it lives,” which is a main component of the Data Mesh.

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Product Lab: Build a Data Product

“The key to success for any company is deriving business value from data,” said Director of Engineering, Colleen Tartow in this product lab session. Along with Vishal Singh, Head of Data Products, they teach viewers how to create data products with the new Data Product Starburst interface.

Data products are one of the key characteristics of adopting a distributed data architecture. They allow organizations to customize the experience of each different type of user. This way, everyone in the organization has access to only the data they need. This new data product interface also allows you to, “not only query across different sources but across different data products and domains,” says Vishal.

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Monte Carlo: In Data We Trust: Data Observability for the Data Mesh

Having data that you can trust is essential to adopting a Data Mesh. In this session, Barr Moses discusses the importance of data observability and what it looks like in practice. She says that the impact of bad data gets worse over time, which can lead to making wrong business decisions. Data observability aims to prevent this from happening. Data can go wrong for many reasons, but when more and more people in your organization are using data, this inaccurate data can affect more people and more business decisions. 

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Data Mesh Strategy and Execution with Zhamak Dehghani

We concluded Day 2 with a strategy track from the founder of the Data Mesh paradigm, Zhamak Dehghani. She sets the stage with: “The very first step is asking yourself whether Data Mesh is for you and whether a Data Mesh is for your organization.” In this session, Zhamak talks about the strategy, implementation, and execution of Data Mesh. She gives practical examples and an ideal use case organization that has adopted the Data Mesh strategy. Through this ‘streaming service company,’ she illustrates how every function in the organization is accountable for sharing data within the organization and enhancing customer experience. 

Although technology is an important part of the Data Mesh strategy, it starts with a business objective and a company culture switch. Data sharing becomes a top priority and with the creation of data products and domain teams, there needs to be end-to-end accountability. “In short, we are introducing an execution model that considers Data Mesh an element of your transformation,” says Zhamak. “It drives execution through business initiatives, and it is delivering value end-to-end.” 

Stream the full on-demand session here. 

Thank you to all who joined us for Datanova 2022: The Data Mesh Summit. We hope you enjoyed the first-class educational content. All sessions are available to watch on-demand here. Stay tuned for more content and updates coming your way!

Jacqueline Vail

Marketing Communications Specialist, Starburst

Jacqueline is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Starburst

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