Trino Summit 2021: What an Event!

By: Latifah Obaid
November 5, 2021
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On October 21st we virtually kicked off the two-day inaugural Trino Summit, sponsored by Starburst, a celebration of the open-source community and all the great work they are doing. The event featured amazing stories of progress and innovation from companies like Netflix, Robinhood, LinkedIn, Doordash, and more who are using Trino to take their businesses to new heights. A huge thank you to all the speakers and our partners AWS, Immuta, and Privacera for their great content and participation.

Our Developer Advocate Brian Olsen stole the show as he MCed the event and kicked things off with a killer performance of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” featuring Trino mascot Commander Bun Bun and lots of electric guitar, setting the tone for this thrilling event!:

Following the musical number (which was frankly hard to top!) we heard some inspiring words in a keynote from Starburst co-founder, Chairman, and CEO Justin Borgman before segueing into an insightful session by Starburst CTOs and Trino co-creators David Phillips, Dain Sundstrom, and Martin Traverso who shared exciting updates and features coming soon to Trino.

Watch all the sessions on-demand here.

Some other highlights of the event include:

Iceberg and Trino, a Match Made in Heaven

In the session “Fast results using Iceberg and Trino,“ Ryan Blue, Creator of Apache Iceberg and CEO of Tabular, discussed how companies like Netflix are using Iceberg tables for storage and Trino for queries to provide fast access to results. He explained the many optimizations that both Iceberg and Trino use to make fast queries possible, covering how Iceberg locates files quickly using its unique metadata layout, techniques built into Trino that cut down waiting time, how to avoid slow queries, and future efforts to make Iceberg and Trino better.

We heard another Iceberg success story from Islam Ismailov, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, in the session “Affinity scheduling and node-local caching effects on query latency“ where he gave a deep dive on how his team was able to boost query performance significantly by introducing a node-local cache, affinity scheduling and catalog-side caching to their Iceberg and Trino environment. According to Ismailov, this new architecture beat many performance-oriented connectors with the added benefit of continuing to work with disaggregated storage and having negligible integration costs.

Learn more about Iceberg and Trino here.

Stories of Innovation

In the session “Trino Centric Query Platform @ Robinhood” Grace Lu and Yichuan Huang, Senior Software Engineers at Robinhood, shared their story of innovation with Trino. They gave an indepth look at how they successfully leveraged Trino to power their query platforms, covering the scale and architecture of our query infrastructure, and the learnings we had running it at scale. We will also share our ongoing work on improving query performance with Alluxio, enabling real time aggregation with Pinot and as well as other future plans.

Akshat Nair, Engineering Manager, and Satya Boora, Staff Software Engineer at DoorDash shared their team’s journey with Trino in the session “How DoorDash processes petabytes of data by utilizing Trino.” In order to process billions of orders per day, DoorDash needed a robust distributed SQL query engine that could work with various data sources. Nair and Boora discussed why Doordash chose Trino as their Unified query engine and how they were able to successfully deploy Trino on Kubernetes to enable federated queries between Data Lake, Snowflake, and Pinot.

Check out more customer stories here.

Powered by Partners

In the partner lightning talk “The Power of Trino on AWS,” Antony Prasad Thevaraj, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon, discussed the benefits of the cloud and specifically why AWS is the cloud to provide the infrastructure for building sophisticated and secure applications. This led to a broader discussion on the power of Trino on AWS, the many different uses of Trino on AWS, and the connector capabilities unlocked by this partnership.

We also got an exciting demo from our partner Immuta, led by Sam Carroll, Solutions Architect at Immuta of their cloud data access control platform, which enables data engineers and architects, data scientists, and governance teams to collaborate on connecting to any data from any tool, and to enforce any regulations — with no coding required.

And last but not least, our partner Privacera shined in the session “The Future of Cloud: Decentralized Data Ownership with Unified Governance” by Vince Goveas, Director of Product Management at Privacera, who discussed the benefits of a modern data governance framework built to enable data domains and data sharing, how to build it securely, and implement it across the open cloud for accelerated business insights and a future-proof, data-driven organization.

Learn more about our partner ecosystem here.

Thank you again to all who participated and attended. Be sure to check out all the sessions on-demand here. We can’t wait to see you next year!

Latifah Obaid

Content Marketing Specialist, Starburst

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