TDWI Munich 2022

Your Data Mesh Quest Starts Here

20th to 22nd June - MOC Munich

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Make the most of this year’s TDWI Munich

Join us on our quest to bring together the intricate universe of siloed data. Visit us aboard spaceship 23 to learn how we are helping organizations to unlock the full value of their distributed data.

Dive into the world of Data Mesh during our Special Track Day on 20th June, taking place in room E124. Catch Andy’s Mott Data Mesh 101 and Data Mesh in practice talks, discuss the move towards decentralized data architectures and take part in our hands-on workshop.

But wait, there’s more! Join us for some drinks and nibbles for our Happy Hour!

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Room E124, first floor – 20th June


Data Mesh 101

What is Data Mesh? Join Starburst for an introduction into this modern approach to managing analytics at scale. Data Mesh embraces decentralization over-centralisation, meaning it allows companies to become more efficient in accessing and exploiting data as a core architectural approach.

Andy Mott

Data Mesh in Practice

There’s so much Data Mesh theory, but most organizations need more strategic guidance on how to implement it. Join this session to guide you learn how to cultivate a Data Mesh mindset when transforming from a data & analytics strategy towards a data-driven organization.

Andy Mott

State of Data 2022

Get closer to the market research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) that highlights the increased need for fast and secure data access along with a move towards decentralized data architecture. Jointly commissioned by Red Hat and Starburst, this study uncovers emerging trends and valuable insights that every data and analytics leader should care about.

From the great data dispersion to the impact of the pandemic and from the data pipeline dilemma to the move to the cloud, the study encapsulates the current data landscape. It also makes predictions about the future.


Joseph Gade
Robert Bohne

Starburst Labs - Distributed data mesh & cross-cloud analytics

In this hands-on and interactive workshop you’ll see how Starburst acts as a single point of access connecting to any source of data – whether it’s located on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid cloud environment – Starburst lets your team use the analytics tools they already know & love while accessing data that lives anywhere.

Joseph Gade
Arne Ottens

Happy Hour

We have plenty in store for you – join Starburst for our Happy Hour!

Exclusive content

There’s so much Data Mesh theory, but most organizations need more strategic guidance on how to implement it. Data Mesh in Practice is the first of its kind, mapping theory to reality. Authors Max Schultze, Data Engineering Manager at Zalando and Dr. Arif Wider, Fellow Technology Consultant at ThoughtWorks, and Professor at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, guide readers through cultivating a Data Mesh mindset when transforming from a data & analytics strategy towards a data-driven organization.

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In this eBook, Accenture’s Cloud First Chief Technologist Teresa Tung explores key themes that have endured as Accenture has helped organizations make the shift towards Data Mesh and achieve data democratization.

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Many enterprises are investing in a next-generation data lake, hoping to democratize data at scale to provide business insights and ultimately make automated intelligent decisions. In this practical book, author Zhamak Dehghani reveals that, despite the time, money, and effort poured into them, data warehouses and data lakes fail when applied at the scale and speed of today’s organizations. A distributed Data Mesh is a better choice. This book shows you why and how.

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Andy Mott

Lead Solution Architect, Data Mesh

Andy is the EMEA Head of Partner Solutions Architecture and Data Mesh Lead at Starburst. Andy is supporting the rapid growth of technology partners across Europe and the Middle East, working with the likes of Data Reply, AWS, Google Cloud, Red Hat, and Thoughtspot.

With over 20 years in analytics and data-focused roles, Andy’s specific focus is considering how an organisation’s use of analytics, analytical culture and analytical processes can be optimised through technologies such as self-service data tools, cloud, and streaming analytics.

Arne Ottens

Solution Architect

Arne Ottens is part of the Solution Architecture Team here at Starburst Data. Arne is a technology and data enthusiast with a focus on Data Management, Big Data and Cloud Technologies. He gained his experience in multiple global projects across industries and is now happy to bring Starburst to you.

Joseph Gade

Partner Solution Architect

Joseph Gade currently works as a Solution Architect for partner ecosystems at Starburst Data, helping GSI, RSI and large cloud partners position Starburst’s Data Mesh strategy at major customers in the DACH region. Joseph is a data advocate and brings in a wealth of experience working at many product companies like SAS, Tibco and ThoughtSpot, primarily in the pre-sales role. Joseph’s specialization includes Business intelligence, value-based selling and machine learning. In his free time, Joseph loves to travel, watch and follow cricket and pursue his passion for photography.

Robert Bohne

Sr. Specialist Solution Architect at OpenShift

Robert works as a Senior Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat and a Subject Matter Expert for OpenShift Container Platform. With over 10 years of middleware operating experience from automation to monitoring and more than 5 years of container know-how, Robert primarily supports large German customers with their OpenShift adoption; starting with the introduction, 24x7 operations up to the migration and modernization of complex applications.

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