Create a Starburst Galaxy account to learn SQL

Let’s walk through the process of creating a new account within Starburst Galaxy to learn SQL. You will create a domain name and password and set up your account to begin using sample data.

1 Navigate to Starburst Galaxy Click Create new Starburst Galaxy account
2 Provide your information Enter your First Name, LastName, and Email address.

Click the Create Account button.

3 Get the code to confirm your email address Go to your email inbox, and get the code you were just sent from the subject line of the email. This was made so convenient you don’t even have to open the mail.

4 Enter the verification code on the Galaxy page Go back to the Starburst Galaxy login, and enter the code. As soon as you type the last digit the Verification process will start.

5 Choose a domain name Enter <your-name>lab01 for the domain name, replacing <your-name> with your full name.

Click the Create account button.

6 Create a password Enter a password.

Click the Create account button.

7 Read through the Galaxy information Click Continue after you’ve read through the paragraph.

8 Choose reasons for using Galaxy Click all of the boxes that apply to you, then click Continue.

9 Choose not to use your own data Click the radio button in front of No. In future lessons, you will connect your own data, but for now you can use sample data.

Click Continue.

10 Choose to use sample data Click Play with sample data.

Just like that, you’re ready to go. 

Next, we’ll introduce the basics of SQL through a series of exercises and challenges.  They’re designed for folks newer to SQL, as well as those who desire a refresher on some SQL basics.  The lessons will also help familiarize individuals with Starburst Galaxy’s user interface. 

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