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Presto, a SQL-on-Anything engine, comes with a number of built-in connectors for a variety of data sources. Presto’s architecture fully abstracts the data sources it can connect to which facilitates the separation of compute and storage. The Connector SPI allows building plugins for file systems and object stores, NoSQL stores, relational database systems, and custom services. As long as one can map the data into relational concepts such as tables, columns, and rows, it is possible to create a Presto connector. What is more, inside a single installation of Presto users can register multiple catalogs and run queries that access data from multiple connectors at once. There is no need to perform a lengthy ETL process since Presto can simply query data where it lives.

Presto is available with a large number of existing connectors. Please view the connector documentation to see the existing list of connectors Starburst Enterprise provides. Additional connectors are under development. Please contact us if you are interested in a connector not listed in the documentation. We are happy to help!

Starburst Data Reference Architecture Diagram – On Premises

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