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Case Study


The team at DoorDash experienced 10X to 15X performance improvement in overall query run times after deploying Starburst and Trino

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Growing and empowering local economies by connecting people

DoorDash serves millions of consumers connecting them to hundreds of thousands of merchants using the platform. Use of data within the company varies from gathering analytics to powering machine learning models to enabling their flagship social impact program, Project DASH. Getting data to their teams faster is critical in providing a great user experience and ensuring the success of their many initiatives. Starburst Enterprise provides DoorDash with unparalleled customer service, easy connectivity to S3 and Snowflake, and top-notch security features, bringing them closer to their goal of achieving a single point of access.

DoorDash Case Study

How DoorDash is Realizing a Unified Query Engine

Performance Improvements

With Starburst Enterprise, the team was able to run queries in S3 in ML notebooks, which resulted in a 10X to 15X performance improvement in overall run times.

24/7 Support

Starburst’s 24/7 team of Trino experts provided a level of stability and expertise, anticipating needs and next steps to the team as they onboarded and scaled.

Security Enhancements

Multi-factor authentication was missing in open-source Trino, but the Enterprise team was able to enable Okta in just a few weeks.

With Starburst, the future of data analytics looks bright. We hope to achieve our vision of a unified query engine and a secure, single point of access to all of our data with Starburst Enterprise.

Akshat Nair,
Engineering Manager, DoorDash

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