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Fortune 100 software company gains access to all of its distributed cloud data and sees a 50% reduction in TCO with Starburst

Major cloud computing provider delivers 99.9% query success rate with Starburst

This virtualization and cloud computing software company streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to its customers. The global software company ingests petabytes of data daily into a multitude of AWS storage platforms. When the data infrastructure team needed a more powerful, cost-effective, secure, and reliable way to query its distributed data on AWS S3 and Amazon Redshift, they upgraded to Starburst Enterprise.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits the cloud computing provider

Enhanced Analytics

The ability to quickly join and query across roughly 800 million records and run analytics on S3 data is already yielding new insights for this cloud computing provider.

>100% Faster Time-to-Insight

Analysts and data scientists can engage their curiosity immediately, finding answers to novel questions in seconds instead of waiting days.

User Engagement

The rapid return of results helps drive usage and engagement. Starburst’s query engine returns results in two or three seconds, with a 99.9% query success rate.

With Starburst, we can maximize the value of our data. We are now able to run queries on tables with terabytes of data in just a few seconds.

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Leading Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology Company

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