Case Study


Sky turns to Starburst to accelerate their data analytics and Data Mesh initiatives

Creating a culture where the data teams seek out a new, faster way to extract insights from data distributed across various systems

The tremendous growth and reach at Europe’s leading media and entertainment company Sky generated PBs of data that were distributed across a variety of cloud and on-prem storage systems. When Sky’s data team, which is tasked with managing data access across the company, began looking for a way to create an overarching Data Mesh layer atop these different data sources, they discovered Starburst.


How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Sky


Previously, when business users wanted to pursue a question that required access to two or more siloed datasets, the engineering team needed months to get answers. Starburst’s single point of access has brought that timeframe down to minutes.

BI Tools

Tableau is the company’s preferred BI reporting tool, and Starburst’s tight integration with Tableau was another selling point – users gain fast access to new data sources without having to learn a new tool or wait for ETL.

Data Governance & GDPR

As a European business, Sky’s data is subject to GDPR and other compliance requirements. The Starburst Stargate feature allows the company to extend access to datasets in different countries while remaining compliant with regulations.

Starburst is an essential part of our overarching Data Mesh initiative that gives the user the flexibility to access data through a single point rather than having to go around to ten different data sources.

Ritesh Ranjan,
Lead Data Architect, Sky

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