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Accelerate analytics with an engine that enables your organization with opportunities for additional revenue streams, a competitive differentiation, faster time to market, and an enriched customer experience.


Modern data applications require a modern query engine

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Starburst makes it easy for product teams to build and scale custom actionable analytic data apps and with live, highly performant access to data in any location. We power downstream applications to leverage data lake analytics, data federation, and ad-hoc and long-running batch queries. Existing database architectures and visualizations tools are based on data engines that were not built for today’s massive, hyperscale data operations. Your product and application data experiences drive growth. Use an engine that delivers the performance, connectivity, security, reliability, and uptime, for your mission-critical analytics needs.
Embedded query engine solution brief

Portals, websites, and marketplaces

Securely provide customers, partners, and stakeholders with relevant insights into your business ecosystem so you can optimize processes, drive innovation, and increase the value of your relationships

Business and data applications

Help users make better decisions by embedding Starburst’s connectivity to business applications. Give software engineers and developers the ability to build the best data experiences with powerful data apps

Commercial products and services

Boost revenue, drive adoption and get to market faster with the best-in-class distributed query engine that adds the insight, context, and uptime your customers crave

An open architecture for all your customizable needs

Built with an open architecture that enables extending the platform capabilities to launch seamlessly integrated embedded analytics tailored to specific business requirements. Starburst can be deployed on-premises, on any cloud (multi/hybrid/cross), and the API friendly architecture and monitoring tools enable rapid and dynamic scaling to meet growth. With live access to over 50 enterprise sources, robust fine-grained security, client integrations, REST API, and unique ability to extend high-quality, curate, data products both internally and externally.

Future proof your data applications strategy

Starburst enables organizations with the speed and ability to deploy and access their data in minutes. Once a cluster is created, customers can use it as the backbone to fuel their platforms, products, and data apps. Starburst queries terabytes to petabytes of data from disparate sources at lightning fast interactive speed. We scale not only with your growing data volume, but also as more users access your products and data apps, with the ability to to handle ad-hoc queries, and long-running batch workloads. There’s no need to worry about your infrastructure or growth hurdles.

Customers leverage Starburst to power numerous downstream data applications and workflows:

  • Cybersecurity & log analytics
  • IoT analytics
  • Data recommendation engine
  • Custom product-native dashboards

Gain a leg up on your peers

Don’t fall behind your competition. Clients are coming to expect analytics on everything. With more data than ever before organizations want to capitalize on the wealth of insights locked in the software applications they purchase through analytics. By embedding Starburst, you enable your end users to leverage the SQL skills they already know, to get to the heart of data – insights – fast and secure.

Identify and grow revenue streams

Gain the opportunity to add revenue streams and upsell them. Through embedding a query engine into a product or service, or through using Starburst as a solution to monetize your data turning analytics from cost center to a product center.

Focus your resources on uplifting your core product

Product and revenue leaders should be free to do what they do best, creating value of their clients, and better margins for their organization. Free up your developer resources to focus on your core offering. It’s okay if analytics isn’t your endgame, Starburst is always adding new features, and integrating the latest technologies so you and your clients get an even better product and experience.

Improve your time to market

If you build your own analytics capabilities, you will inevitably run into build and deployment issues, set-backs, and delays. The longer it is before you get to market, the longer it is before you generate revenue from analytics. Don’t drive a new car with an old engine. With Starburst as your embedded, and business, analytics partner, you can fast-track your go to market and product growth.

EMIS serves 10,000 organizations across every major healthcare setting and securely stores millions of NHS records. The challenge was finding the best way to make healthcare data and analytics available to providers and research organizations, and to do so in a way that’s secure, cost-effective, high-performance, and scalable. With Starburst EMIS can now provide the appropriate information governance and data permissions to all customers. Embedded into their EMIS-X Analytics platform, Starburst makes it possible to analyze both primary and secondary care data simultaneously.

“To get this kind of information in the past would have involved several weeks of copying and analyzing data. With EMIS-X Analytics, powered by Starburst, researchers get the information in almost real-time.”

Richard Jarvis

Chief Analytics Officer, EMIS Health

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