Starburst Enterprise 429-e STS

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 429-e STS has been released as a follow-up to the 427-e STS release.

This latest version of SEP is based on Trino 429 and includes new enterprise features and enhancements in addition to everything added to both the Trino 428 and Trino 429 releases.

Here are some of the feature highlights that we’ve included in this enterprise release:

  • Starburst Enterprise now supports table replacement as an atomic operation with Delta Lake using the SQL OR REPLACE clause. Similar to other “CREATE OR REPLACE” functions, this allows data engineers to refresh tables in Delta Lake with minimal downtime. Read more about table replacement in the Starburst Delta Lake documentation.
  • The Starburst Hive connector now supports a procedure to flush the Hive filesystem cache as needed. This procedure allows data engineers to manually refresh the filesystem cache, or specific partitions of the cache, to keep data operations performant without wasting compute resources doing a complete cache refresh at a high frequency. Read more about the new filesystem cache flush procedure in the Starburst Hive documentation.

In addition to these enterprise enhancements, all features added in the Trino 428 and Trino 429 releases are included as well. Here are some highlights from these releases:

  • Reduced memory usage for GROUP BY.
  • Simplified configuration for managing writer counts.
  • Faster reads for small Parquet files on data lakes.
  • Support for query options on dynamic tables in Pinot.
  • Faster reading of ORC files in Hive.
  • More types supported for schema evolution in Hive.

For the complete list of features, changes, and fixes in this latest SEP release, read the release notes for 429-e.


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