The fastest path from data to insight

The wait is over. Bring all of your data to every critical decision.


Give your teams the freedom to be curious

We power the fastest path from question to answer

Simple deployment anywhere

Our SQL query engine can securely access data stored anywhere; across cloud and hybrid environments.

Connect everything

Our robust ecosystem of connectors ensures lightning-fast access to most systems.

Make better decisions, faster

Our approach makes ETL optional, providing a better path to analyzing distributed data while reducing data complexity, cost & decision-making delays.


Starburst provides a single point of access to query data that lives in any data system

Starburst gives you the flexibility to run federated interactive and ETL workloads using a single query engine, significantly reducing data movement delays & costs



Enterprise-grade connectivity to all your data sources, on prem and in the cloud.



Run both ad hoc and batch workloads with our massive parallel processing (MPP) engine, built for analyzing large amounts of distributed data with high concurrency.

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FROM sample.demo.missions
WHERE status_mission = 'Success';


Surface the data via SQL or using your favorite visualization, BI, and data science toolkits.



Create important views of the data with our data products solution, and securely share insights across teams and departments with built-in access controls.




We estimate that this optimized solution resulted in a reduction of about 40% on that multi-million dollar cost line, which is just huge.

Mitchell Posluns

Senior Data Scientist, Assurance

While other solutions, such as Databricks, were considered, none were as seamless and performant as Starburst.

Patrice Linel

Senior Manager of Data Science & Data Engineering, Genus

To not have to move all their data and reprocess it with another database saves companies a lot of time and upwards of thousands of dollars in engineering resources.

Lenley Hensarling

Chief Product Officer, Aerospike

Starburst gives us the ability to move quickly to support ever-changing use cases within complex enterprise environments.

David Schulman

Head of Partner Marketing, Domino Data Lab

The decision to deploy Starburst Enterprise was made simpler because it has proven to be a reliable, fast, and stable query engine for S3 data lakes.

Alberto Miorin

Engineering Lead, Zalando

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