Starburst for Financial Services

Four of the top six North American Banks trust Starburst to help them move faster with better insights using all their data.  From globally dispersed internal data to 3rd party data, Starburst empowers financial firms to make informed risk mitigation, revenue-generating, and process optimization decisions while adhering to data sovereignty, regulatory, and data security requirements.



Top financial firms give their teams the freedom to be curious with the fastest path from data to insight

Effective use of people and technology

Unlock data silos, build data products, and use the most price/performant SQL query engine to increase productivity, improve time to insight, and cut costs.

Better & faster revenue influencing insights

Use globally dispersed data to improve customer experiences, create new revenue streams, and increase returns on data assets.

Significant reduction in business risk

Deliver real-time and holistic risk analysis, effectively combat fraud and financial crimes, and meet regulatory reporting requirements with greater ease and accuracy.

Starburst accelerates business for Financial Services

Improve the way you manage risks

  • Anti-money laundering – AML teams gain speed and accuracy with a lightning-fast query engine that unlocks access to all relevant data, all while enforcing the necessary data sovereignty, data access, and data governance requirements. Learn more.
  • Risk modeling and assessment – Risk teams are enabled to build complete risk profiles; paired with a fast and fault-tolerant query engine, decision-making for risk tolerance goes from days to minutes. 
  • Regulatory reporting – Whether for trade reporting or market liquidity stress testing, Starburst offers Financial firms a reliable path to ensure all the relevant data is easily accessed and quickly queried for reporting needs. 

Read how a global investment firm uses Starburst to up its game against money laundering and how a not-for-profit regulatory organization uses Starburst to process 80 billion trade transactions daily.

Redefine customer experiences

  • Customer 360 – Recommend the next best products and services based on the most recent interactions by building a complete and real-time Customer 360 data product with secure access across the organization. Learn more.
  • Underwriting optimization – Take your underwriting game to the next level with a complete KYC. Quickly and reliably processes data to enable real-time decisions, provide customers with immediate outcomes, and gain greater confidence in acceptable exposures and risks.  
  • Analytics on the edge – Empower customers with insights. Embed Starburst as the query engine to power real-time analytics into any application, product, portal, workflow, or process, and create new value-added services and revenue streams. 

Read how Assurance integrates Starburst to improve its conversion rates while cutting cost and time to insight.

Cut technology costs and increase productivity

  • More analytics, less data wrangling – Flip the 80/20 rule on data analytics and improve time-to-insight by 97%. Enable data teams to focus more on extracting insights and less on managing long and complex data prep and movement processes making high tax and high visibility tasks like regulatory reporting more productive.
  • Efficient query execution – Gain performance and reliability with lightning-fast query execution on petabytes of data. Up to a 10x improvement on query execution and up to 50% savings on compute costs make business use cases like personalization and anti-money laundering more timely and efficient.
  • Modern simplified data architecture – Reduce infrastructure resources up to 30% by eliminating a complex web of bespoke tools and processes for cloud adoption, data movement and duplication, ETL, and query execution.

Learn how Bank Hapoalim uses Starburst for its modernization efforts while increasing data team collaboration and productivity.

Strategic Partners

Starburst integrates with a wide range of cloud, technology, and consulting partners, enabling you to access your data wherever and however you may need.

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