Starburst for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) leaders embrace digital innovation and partner with Starburst for the fastest path to insight across all data. Organizations can now deliver highly personalized and seamless omnichannel experiences, mitigate supply chain risks, improve margins, and remain agile in an increasingly competitive market.


Revolutionize customer experiences and minimize operational gaps by harnessing the full potential of all your data.


Customer first

Enhance omnichannel engagements and put data at the heart of the customer journey. Quickly deliver personalized omnichannel experiences with single source of truth data products to increase brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and profitability.

Improve efficiencies

Optimize supply chain operations with the fastest time to insight across first and third party data wherever it lives. Ensure the business is delivering products to customers on time, at the right cost, while improving overall sustainability and closely monitoring changes in consumer demand.

Maximize investments

Starburst is the heart of your digital transformation journey. Get the most out of your investments, hybrid or cloud, through powerful, near-real time data discoverability tools while reducing overall cost and improving performance.

Rapid analytics, single point of access, affordable at scale

Zalando is a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle across 7000+ brands. Operating in over 25 countries, Zalando aims to build a holistic and connected experience for customers, brands, and partners across the fashion world.


Customer 360º

Starburst is the fastest query engine to fuel your customer 360 strategy. Build comprehensive customer data products across all data silos, all while enforcing necessary security, governance, and sovereignty requirements. 

Prioritize Personalization

Harness the power of hyper-personalization across the customer journey to stand out from the competition. Whether one customer or millions, Starburst helps you analyze petabytes of data to deliver relevant, accurate, and timely recommendations at scale.

Direct to Consumer Experiences, Everywhere

As demands for seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences evolve, organizations must rapidly iterate and innovate to meet customer needs. Starburst can connect the data dots for brick & click customers, ensuring seamless experiences wherever your customers shop.

Comprehensive Demand Forecasting

Proactively manage inventory and create agile forecast models by combining historical data from sales, market trends, customers, product, and more. Allow Starburst to be the single pane of glass for secure access and rapid analytics for your organization, stakeholders, and partners. 

Real-Time Logistics Monitoring

Monitor logistics operations in real-time, closely track end-to-end fulfillment cycles, and identify potential issues or delays to make faster, more informed decisions.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Increase efficiencies and mitigate quality risks through enhanced visibility into supply chain operations. Easily combine first and third-party data from across the organization and perform rapid, dependable analytics to track, identify, and address weaknesses and strengths within the supply chain.

See how a Food and Beverage Giant unlocks valuable insights and reduces operational costs across global brands through rapid data analytics at scale.


Dynamic Pricing and Promotions
Rapidly move from data to insight to identify trends, detect outliers, and make decisions to optimize pricing and promotions with Starburst. Digitally optimize your pricing strategy to maximize margins in real-time as market and consumer activity shifts.

Optimize Marketing Effectiveness
Better analyze performance of marketing campaigns across all channels through improved data accessibility, quality, governance, speed-to-insight, and flexibility. With Starburst, you can enable your marketing organization to make better, data-driven decisions, drive innovation, and achieve their business goals.

    Predictive Analytics
    Unlock the power of predictive analytics in your organization, anticipate future demand, changes in customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

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