Case Study

Food & beverage giant shifts to a single point of access for all data with Starburst and Microsoft

While transitioning to Azure Data Lake Storage, this company has turned to Starburst to achieve secure, cost-effective data analytics at scale

Analyzing complex and diverse data across a portfolio of brands with a more efficient and scalable architecture for the future

This global conglomerate’s diverse portfolio of brands resulted in massive quantities of data siloed in different proprietary systems, and analyzing this trapped data was nearly impossible. To remedy this, the company’s Data Engineering Services team initiated a plan to stream all new data into Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and access it with Starburst.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits the Food & Beverage Giant

Secure Data Sharing Across Brands

The ability to query and analyze other data sources at other brands within the company drove new revenues and marketing programs across the organization.

Cost Savings via Autoscaling

The autoscaling feature in Starburst Enterprise allows the company to easily meet user needs by automatically scaling up during busy times and gracefully scaling down at nights and weekends – saving money and taking advantage of the Azure cloud infrastructure.

24x7 Support from the Trino Experts

A Starburst Enterprise deployment also comes with 24x7 support from the largest, most accomplished team of Trino experts in the world.

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