Starburst Enterprise on Azure

Combine the cloud computing services provided by Azure with the power of Trino, the fastest growing distributed SQL query engine.

Scalable SQL & data integration for Azure

The power to query anything with SQL

Starburst Enterprise can be deployed using the Starburst Kubernetes solution onto the Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). AKS is a secure, production-ready, managed Kubernetes service on Azure for managing containerized applications. It is also available on Azure and can be deployed using in the Azure Marketplace.  Starburst Enterprise on Azure includes:

  • Enterprise Connectivity and Security
  • Auto-configuration of Clusters
  • Coordinator High Availability
  • Autoscaling & Graceful Scaledown

Azure integration

Starburst integrates with a number of Azure services to make big data projects easier and less costly to develop and operate:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • External Hive Metastore
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Azure Cosmos DB Connector

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Analytics supporting migration to Azure

  • Hybrid cloud federation during migration
  • Bringing analytics to Azure faster with no end-user analytics disruption
  • Data discovery or investigation on cold or historical workloads in data lake (premises or cloud) to identify for migration
  • Enabling insights through Power BI and other BI tools already in place

Cloud native analytics

  • Cost-effective ad-hoc or interactive analytics on ADLS, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Databricks Delta Lake
  • Federated queries with data sources outside of Azure to enhance Azure analytics value
  • Multi-cluster management of Starburst Enterprise for concurrent analytics across hybrid environments
  • Join data from existing Snowflake with Synapse, Delta Lake, and other Azure Data Services

Discover deeper insights with PowerBI integration

Starburst enables PowerBI users to bridge the gap between data and decisions. With Starburst’s PowerBI DirectQuery Driver data sources appear as standard databases. You can explore unlimited data directly from multiple data sources allowing you to generate reports and dashboards regardless of the data’s location. The integration allows Starburst Enterprise to perform all the query processing combining the scalability and power of Starburst Enterprise with the business intelligence reporting features of PowerBI.

Azure marketplace availability

Leveraging the Azure Marketplace, customers can accelerate the pace of development apps tailored to meet their needs. With Starburst on Azure, it’s the power of a data warehouse, without the warehouse. Within a single query, you can access multiple data stores, including Azure Blob Storage, ADLS, Azure SQL, SQL Server, plus Hadoop, Synapse, IBM DB2, Cassandra, Databricks Delta Lake, and many others.



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