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Data Mesh is a decentralized, distributed approach to optimize enterprise data management and help organizations get the most out of their data-driven investments

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What is Data Mesh?

Data Mesh – an approach founded by Zhamak Dehghani – refers to a decentralized, distributed approach to enterprise data management. It is a holistic concept that sees different datasets as distributed products, orientated around domains. The idea is that each domain-specific dataset has its own embedded engineers and product owners to manage that data and its availability to other teams, driving a level of data ownership and responsibility, which is often lacking in the current data platforms that are largely centralized, monolithic, and often built around complex pipelines.

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Data Mesh is founded around four core principles:

Domain-driven data ownership and architecture

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Data as a product

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Self-serve infrastructure as a platform

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Federated computational governance

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Defining Data Mesh

In this video, Adrian Estala, VP, Field CDO, gives a high-level introduction to the fundamentals of Data Mesh.

How to Integrate Data Mesh Into Your Ecosystem

In this video, Adrian Estala, VP, Field CDO gives an overview of how to seamlessly integrate Data Mesh into your existing ecosystem.

What Are the Three Benefits of Data Mesh?

In this video, Adrian Estala, VP, Field CDO shares three benefits of implementing a Data Mesh as a digital transformation strategy.

Big Data LDN

Starburst’s Lead Solutions Architect Andy Mott explains why Data Mesh isn’t something you can buy off the shelf and what it can do for your organization.

A Primer on Data Mesh

Are you Data Mesh ready? In this session, Andy Mott, Solutions Architect at Starburst explains everything Data Mesh.

Is Data Mesh the Answer to Data Democratization

Accenture’s Cloud First Chief Technologist, Teresa Tung shares how the Data Mesh paradigm can enable data access by unlocking the value of distributed data.

Customer Spotlight: Priceline Achieves Travel Innovation with Starburst

Hear Valli Musti, Engineering Leader at Priceline, share their story of innovation and their data and analytics journey with Starburst with Data Mesh as their core architecture.

Partner Spotlight: Transform your Data into Actionable Business Insights

Ken Seier, North American Strategic Lead, Chief Architect, Data & AI at Insight, highlights how Data Mesh facilitates data sharing and fortifies decision making.

The Potential Impact of Data Mesh Across Industries

In this session, journalist Paul Gillin moderates an engaging discussion between Zhamak Dehghani of Thoughtworks, Richard Jarvis of EMIS Health and Mangesh Patil of Disney.

Starburst is the Analytics Engine for Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a new approach to data architecture and Starburst is the Analytics Engine for Data Mesh. Find out what that means in this video by Justin Borgman, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Starburst.

What is Data Mesh?

This video features Justin Borgman, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Starburst, as he gives a high-level introduction to the fundamentals of Data Mesh.

Starburst Vision: How We'll Get There

We free our customers to see the invisible and achieve the impossible. Like Shakespeare, Starburst is a five-act play: Act I is Data Lakehouse, Act II is Data Mesh, and then there’s more.

Introduction to Data Mesh

In this video, Zhamak Dehghani gives a high-level overview of the concept, which proposes architectural and organizational changes that transform the way large enterprises analyze data.

How to Build a Foundation for Data Mesh: A Principled Approach

Here Zhamak Dehghani gives an in-depth explanation of how to apply Data Mesh to your current architecture, following the four core principles of Data Mesh.

What Data Mesh Means for Data Analysts

In this panel discussion moderated by ThoughtSpot’s Sean Zinsmeister, panelists and industry experts Zhamak Dehghani, Daniel Abadi, and BoA’s Gareth Stevenson share their perspectives.

What Data Mesh Means for Data Scientists

In this conversation moderated by Red Hat’s Sophie Watkins, panelists and industry experts Zhamak Dehghani, Daniel Abadi, Zalando’s Max Schultze, discuss their perspectives.

CEO Keynote: Achieving a Data Mesh with Starburst

In this talk, Starburst CEO Justin Borgman demystifies Data Mesh and shares concrete ways to begin your journey.

Data Mesh & Data Fabric: A Technical Comparison

In this panel discussion moderated by former Gartner Analyst Sanjeev Mohan, panelists and industry experts Zhamak Dehghani and Daniel Abadi share their perspectives.

Data Product Master Class with Accenture

In this Master Class, Teresa Tung, Accenture's Cloud First Chief Technologist teaches you how to identify and build a data product within your organization.

From Theory to Practice: O'Reilly Market Research

In this talk, Zalando's Max Schultze and Thoughtworks' Arif Wider share their findings and insights from O'Reilly's latest market research report, Data Mesh in Practice.

Data Mesh Governance Strategy with Starburst and Immuta

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Starburst and Immuta can work together to achieve decentralized data access management.


Watch Datanova 2022: The Data Mesh Summit (All Sessions Available On-Demand Now!)

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