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The heaviest and longest workloads require a reliable and consistent engine for processing long-running queries like ELT in a cost-effective and highly performant manner. Starburst provides the scale, flexibility, and performance to enable you to build, enhance, and streamline your most critical analytics workloads, using the language you already know, SQL. We enable you to perform efficient and fault-tolerant query processing with access to 50+ data sources including modern and legacy enterprise sources.

Starburst is the engine of choice for ELT data processing.

The Challenge Today

ETL/ELT can be a complex and time consuming process. Data engineers often rely on advanced languages like Python, and Scala. In addition, traditional ETL tools do not provide much insight into why a query fails, leading to a burdensome process in a bottlenecked data organization. These problems strain data teams as data volumes grow and the number of new inquiries increase.

Enter Starburst

Open source Trino and Starburst include capabilities to support the engine’s reliability when performing complex data processing tasks like ELT. This includes the ability to configure a cluster to perform granular retries at the task or query level. We provide you with the details on any error to help you avoid future mistakes. There’s no new skills required.  Starburst runs on a fully ANSI SQL compliant engine, allowing more people access to more data, securely, of course.

Engine built for performance and flexibility

  • One engine designed for both interactive and long-running queries
  • Proven at  speed and performance at scale

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True separation of storage and compute

  • Scales as your data needs grow, today and tomorrow
  • Reduce infrastructure costs through elastic scaling without compromising performance

Supercharge your data lakehouse strategy

  • Build data pipelines directly from object storage like Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage and Google Cloud Storage
  • Leverage data manipulation language on open file formats like Delta Lake and Iceberg to improve your time to insight
  • Provide your business analysts with direct access to the data lake using the SQL language they already know 
  • Integrations with the industry leading platforms to support ELT like Airflow and dbt Labs

Easy discovery and consumption of data.

  • Leverage standard SQL to write new data pipelines and unlock organizational bottlenecks
  • Data products allows for the improved data discovery and consumption
  • Integrates with your existing business intelligence and analytics tools

Deep ecosystem of advanced connectors

  • Access the data where it lives today
  • Connect to data in the data lake, data warehouse, RDBMS and other sources
  • Reduce the need to migrate data and increase organizational efficiency

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