Warp Speed

The new standard in data lake analytics

Combining Starburst’s best-in-class query engine with proprietary and patented indexing technology sets a new benchmark in data lake analytics, empowering organizations to more quickly and efficiently derive greater insights from their data

Watch acceleration in action

Increase query performance up to 7x and reduce cloud compute costs up to 40% on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

The move to the cloud and pay-as-you-go consumption models give IT leaders more flexibility to scale expenses upward or reduce them downward. Starburst Warp Speed not only speed queries, it also dynamically and autonomously updates cache based on analytical workload patterns. Customers can rest assured the system is providing the best performance for the most important data, and not overpaying for performance on data that’s infrequently accessed. No more unnecessary cloud compute costs.

Speed query performance with smart indexing

Starburst Warp Speed splits the data to be processed into blocks and then automatically chooses the most effective index for each block, ensuring data is available for fast analysis, and reducing query response times up to 7x

Adapt to business requirements with elastic resource management

 Automatically cache frequently accessed data and provide data teams with the tools to adjust settings to meet performance and budget requirements. Starburst elastically scales to optimize for cost and performance

Reduce operational costs with workload-level monitoring

Workload-level monitoring detects hot data and bottlenecks, pointing data engineering teams to areas for improvement. Customers reduce the need to move & model data, and see up to 40%+ cloud compute cost reduction on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Adapts to the workload

Continuous detection of hotspots and bottlenecks

Seamless acceleration

Indexes, caches and materialization are automatic

Workload visibility

Easily understand queries performance

Autonomous data lake acceleration.

Each query is executed in the optimal way to accommodate performance requirements using a combination of different acceleration technologies

Autonomous indexing

  • Creates appropriate index types (bitmap, dictionary, tree) and tailors each one to every block
  • Accelerates joins, filters, and searches
  • Stored on SSD
Smart Caching

  • Proprietary SSD columnar block caching 
  • Optimal performance based on the frequency of data usage and its business priority
  • Eliminates unnecessary table scanning

Accelerate analytics on any data

Access the vast data lake, fast

  • Index across entire data lakes
  • On-demand acceleration of exploratory datasets 
  • Acceleration engine is automatic without the need for data engineering

Easy to use on all data

  • Use your favorite tools
  • No manual data loading and copying
  • Cache your data lake and query other sources at once

Accelerate BI dashboards

Faster dashboards on more data

  • Autonomous Indexing:
    7x-10x faster drill-down on TBs-PBs
  • Smart Caching:
    7x-10x faster access than non-optimized data lakes

Faster dashboard building

  • Automatically adapts to the workload
  • Seamless acceleration as indexes, caches, and materialization are automatic

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