Data Products

Easy to explore, build, govern, access and share.

Move from data to insight faster and easier with data products.

Data Products are a curated collection of purpose-built and reusable data sets with business-approved metadata designed to solve specific, targeted business problems.

Turn data silos into purpose-built curated data sets by easily building and deploying data products that benefit everyone – all on an open data lakehouse.

Global search makes it easy to explore data across your silos. With access to over 50 data sources, you can quickly discover the relevant data sets across clouds, on-premises, and databases to build your data products.

Get from data sources to insight faster. It’s more efficient to create a data product once and reuse it for multiple use cases than to develop and maintain a complex network of data pipelines for every data ask. Data products simplify data engineering tasks using schema and metadata rather than raw data – without data movement. Learn more

Purpose-built data products help organizations improve data governance by enforcing necessary role and attribute-based access controls, applying PII policies, going granular with row and column level masking, understanding lineage, applying end of life, and more, all while reducing vulnerabilities associated with data movement or enabling broad access to the source data.  With sound governance in place, enabling democratized access becomes a lot easier. Learn more

Create a consumer-like experience while enforcing high standards that build trust. Multiple data consumers can be authorized to use the same data products across the organization while enforcing necessary governance policies. Data consumers can gain confidence in the data products by understanding the

  • Ingredients – data sources that make up the product
  • Manufacturing process – who made it, the lineage 
  • Product description –  what is it, its intended use, and when it was made, and even when it is set to expire
  • Packaging – getting a preview of the data product before deciding it’s the right one
  • Check out process – one-click access requests from data products owners
  • Popularity – data products comments, usage, and sharing metrics.

Learn more

Go to the next level of data democratization by enabling secure cluster-to-cluster sharing of data products. You can maintain robust security protocols, including encryption and fine-grained access controls, for secure external access. Quickly resolve data quality issues with built-in data observability features like data lineage. Most importantly, share data without physically relocating it. Whether it’s to multiple teams across business units or external network partners – it’s now easier than ever to get everyone collaborating on the same source. Learn more

See data products in action

Data products increase data team productivity and the business value of data everywhere

Data Producers

Go from high-stress and complex data pipelines moving raw data to using schema, views, and metadata to get relevant data into the hands of data consumers faster.

Data Consumers

Go from every data question being a complex orchestration to securely shopping for the data you need to support your business teams.

Line of Business

Gain increased confidence in the data you’re using to make critical decisions and fuel your intelligent data applications.

Why Starburst gets 5 stars


End users and other domains can easily discover and access a given data product


The data has a straightforward and documented way of being programmatically accessed, e.g. via SQL


End users can understand the level of data quality and view the provenance (lineage) of the data so they can be confident in any analysis using the data product


Any end user outside the domain which produces the data product has all of the information they require to use the data product


Governance ensures the data complies to inter- or intra-domain standards or regulations, so the end user can confidently use the data without concern


Data products fold any authorization into the access control provided by the data mesh experience plane, which is where the data product consumption occurs

Move your business forward faster

Supply chains are the backbone of modern commerce. With data products from Starburst, quickly build and use purpose-built data products that service each part of your supply chain, or your supply chain control tower so internal and supplier teams can securely make informed decisions faster without having to worry about data transfers.

Gaining a 360 view of your patient, customer, or products is a massive and fragile undertaking that is at risk of failing as soon as new data sources need to be added. With Starburst Data Products, you can make dynamic changes on the fly based on changing business requirements to make sure your 360 view stays relevant while enforcing the necessary governance requirements to ensure teams only see the data they need. Now your marketing teams can provide better recommendations, customer service can provide improved experiences, and finance and product can more accurately determine customer lifetime value.

GenAI and Intelligent Data Applications require access to relevant data to train and improve model performance. However, waiting for data discovery and migration to be completed before you start training and testing models isn’t feasible when speed and accuracy are needed. Starburst Data Products enable data engineers to easily package up all the relevant data into curated data products without data movement, making it easier and faster for data science and AI/ML engineers to train, test, and deploy intelligent data applications.

Data Migrations are complex and time consuming but shouldn’t be the reason why business stalls. Keep your business teams moving forward with data products. Whether the data products are built from on-premises or cloud or a combination of the two, you can easily change the backend set-up of a data product to a new source without impacting business performance. Your business teams will never know that a critical data set just moved from an on-premises Hadoop into a cloud data lake because they will only need to interact with the data product.

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