Data Applications

Deliver exceptional user experiences at scale

Build and scale game-changing data applications, without compromising on performance or cost

Leading data apps powered by Starburst

Build and scale data-driven applications

Leverage a platform designed to help teams analyze large and complex data in and around their data lake at petabyte scale

Scale without compromise

Starburst scales with your application from your first hundred users to your first thousand. Through distributed processing and parallelization, Starburst ensures optimal performance even with high concurrency and exponentially growing data volumes.

    • Choose between three cluster execution modes to maximize price-performance for internet-scale SQL workloads
    • Accelerate interactive queries 400%+ with Warp Speed
    • No premiums for indexing, only pay for the compute you use

Grow beyond limits, not budget.

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Fine-grained security made easy

Starburst provides comprehensive built-in access controls, authentication mechanisms, and encryption capabilities within a universal governance platform.

    • Support for role-based and attribute-based access controls
    • Fine-grained security down to the row and column level
    • Dynamic column masking based on user permissions

No third-party integrations needed.

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Access all your data

Starburst powers your application with business real-time data from any data source.

    • Directly connect to 20+ data sources from databases to customer data platforms
    • Instantly access and query data across clouds and regions, no ETL needed
    • Accelerate development with leading frameworks like Ibis

A single pane to discover, govern, analyze, and share across all three clouds.

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Build more, manage less

Starburst is a fully-managed data lake analytics platform with optimizations that let your team focus on building differentiating features, not managing analytics infrastructure.

    • Automatic cluster creation and scaling, simplifying infrastructure setup and maintenance
    • Adapts resources dynamically for optimal performance based on usage
    • 24x7x365 support from a team of leading Trino experts

Minimize time spent on operational overhead.

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Take your data-driven projects to the next level


Portals, websites, and marketplaces

Enhance decision-making by integrating Starburst’s data connectivity into applications, empowering software engineers and developers to craft exceptional data experiences through a unified platform

Business and data applications

Securely provide customers, partners, and stakeholders with relevant insights into your business ecosystem so you can streamline operations, drive innovation, and increase the value of your partnerships

Commercial products and services

Boost revenue, drive adoption and get to market faster with the industry-leading distributed query engine that delivers the rapid insight, context, and uptime your customers crave

Simplify data app development with Starburst


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