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Case Study


EMIS’ new EMIS-X Analytics platform delivers secure, scalable, and cost-effective analytics with Starburst Enterprise

Empowering Clinicians and Researchers with unprecedented data analytics services

EMIS is one of the largest suppliers of electronic health record software in the UK. Today, EMIS serves 10,000 organizations across every major healthcare setting and securely stores millions of National Health Service (NHS) records.

The challenge for EMIS — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – had been finding the best way to make healthcare data and analytics available to providers and research organisations, and to do so in a way that’s secure, cost-effective, high-performance, and scalable.

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How Starburst Enterprise Benefits EMIS-X

Faster Time-to-Insight

EMIS can now provide the appropriate information governance and data permissions to all customers.

Joining Up Data

Aided by Starburst technology, EMIS-X Analytics makes it possible to analyze both primary and secondary care data simultaneously.

Cost Savings

Starburst’s Reader for Delta Lake allows EMIS to run lightning SQL queries at scale while keeping costs down.

To get this kind of information in the past would have involved several weeks of copying and analysing data. With EMIS-X Analytics, powered by Starburst Enterprise, researchers get the information in almost real-time.

Richard Jarvis
Chief Analytics Officer, EMIS Health

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