Starburst for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Transformative Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations use Starburst to gain a connected data fabric and extremely fast analytics across all their relevant first and third-party data. Now life sciences, providers, and payers can truly place patients at the center of the patient care journey, accelerate drug discovery and distribution, increase operational efficiency, improve margins, and reduce exposure to competitive and regulatory risks.

Connected data for data-driven patient care and operations


Redefine patient experiences and outcomes

Bring data to the center of patient care by connecting data silos and accelerating the path from data to insight. Providers and payers can now provide highly personalized and proactive care plans that reduce the burden on patients and readmittance rates, drive in-network adoption, and yield better data-driven patient care outcomes.

Improve operational efficiencies

Standardize critical data sets into data products for enterprise-wide use. Organizations can gain a holistic view of their end-to-end operations to implement cost savings and productivity-focused efficiencies.

Reduce financial and regulatory risks

Use all the relevant data to increase patient retention, improve fraud detection, accelerate predictive claims and prior authorizations, and leverage near-real-time analytics to detect operational anomalies that can trigger regulatory scrutiny.

Accelerate the entire drug lifecycle

Compliantly use globally and regionally dispersed internal and third-party data to execute highly price/performant analytics at every stage of the drug life cycle, from accelerated discovery to highly efficient distribution, all while adhering to regulatory and data sovereignty requirements.

Fast performance, timely access and engineering support

Novant Health is a not-for-profit organization with 35,000 team members and more than 1,800 physicians across 800 locations. Novant Health’s vision is to deliver a remarkable patient experience every time.



Starburst transforms business critical use cases for providers, payers, and life sciences.

Learn how EMIS partners with Starburst to compliantly democratize healthcare data and analytics to over 10,000 organizations and the UK’s National Health Services (NHS).

Patient360 & personalized care

Starburst turns Patient360 into a data product, creating a single point of access to a standardized view of the patient by compliantly connecting all the distributed patient data to execute highly reliable and fast advanced analytics for near-real-time insights helping providers provide proactive and personalized care plans. Learn more.

Comprehensive demand forecasting

Starbursts helps make forecasting for inventory, bed vacancy, and patient-to-staff ratios a turn-key process by productizing core distributed data sets across the organization and running lightning-fast and extremely reliable analytics. Easily add or remove data to factor in seasonality and event-driven changes to maintain a complete view no matter how complex the situation is.

Quality assurance analytics

Starburst helps healthcare and life sciences gain a complete understanding of their quality assurance initiatives by connecting all the relevant operational data assets across the organization and executing extremely fast, reliable, and accurate analytics. Quickly go from data to insight to determine patterns, find anomalies, and make decisions to remediate and improve.

Learn how Optum partners with Starburst to equip analysts with up to 10x faster and more complete analytics with a focus on improving the patient care experience while reducing their analytics cost structure by 30%.

Intelligent Prior Authorizations (PA)

Built to process large/complex highly concurrent application workloads, Starburst speeds up the PA process for payers and providers, helping patients get needed care faster while reducing the manual overhead and risks for everyone. By compliantly accessing claims data, patient history, clinical rules engines, and risk models in a single point of access, Starburst streamlines the process, eliminating the friction of automating the PA process.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

Solve PBM data challenges across formularies, rebate negotiations, claims processing, drug utilization analysis, and pharmacy networks  by providing secure and cost-effective analytics solutions powered by faster and better access to distributed data.

Demand forecasting

Improve member volumes forecast growth or decline across multiple factors to reduce risk and maximize return on invested capital by understanding the most compelling growth opportunities. 

Fraud, risk, and actuary

Quickly detect fraud as it happens and begin to build predictive analytics to determine which providers have a history of fraud and which provider behaviors likely indicate increased fraud risks.

Learn how Sophia Genetics partners with Starburst to run bioinformatics operations for over 780 hospitals and research institutions across 70 countries and how Genus PLC is helping farmers worldwide by reimagining animal breeding and genetics.

Fast-track drug discovery

Accelerate drug discovery to gain competitive advantage and reduce costs and time to market by connecting, processing, and analyzing petabytes of distributed and centralized data daily –  reducing the time from data to insight by up to 97%. R&D teams can also convert high-demand data sets into data products that are easily discoverable and shareable through a simple UI- enabling cross-functional teams and research groups to easily access and use a single source of truth for future analytics to ensure quality and standards while adhering to data privacy, governance, and security requirements.

Product go-to-market optimization 

Standardized data products across market access, patient services, medical affairs, regulatory, marketing, and sales can lead to better-coordinated efforts to execute successful product launches and drive performance.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Improve the efficiency and optimize the costs of your drug delivery. Easily connect relevant first and third-party data distributed across the organization and extremely fast and reliable analytics to identify, monitor, detect, and respond to weaknesses and strengths within the supply chain. 

Globally dispersed population and epidemiology studies

Effectively connect and analyze globally dispersed data sets for millions of patients at  petabyte scale. With true global and diverse insights, organizations gain a complete view to uncovering patterns, trends, and outcomes that may apply to targeted or the global population and aid in the advent of new therapeutics.

Starburst Partners for Healthcare and Life Sciences


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Starburst for healthcare and life sciences

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