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Case Study


SOPHiA GENETICS deploys Starburst to query across borders and accelerate their
Data Mesh initiative

Advancing and democratizing data-driven medicine through a pioneering global network of healthcare institutions

SOPHiA GENETICS works with over 780 hospitals and research institutions in more than 70 countries to enable their customers to outsource their bioinformatics operations by providing them with both a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service analytics platform and unprecedented insights from the global network. Their mission is to democratize data-driven medicine for the clinical research domain.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits SOPHiA GENETICS

Centralized Data Access

Data activities that had been dispersed are now accessed through a single point of secure access, making them more controllable and observable.


With the Starburst Stargate feature, it’s easier for the Data Services team to demonstrate to auditors, the QA department, and others that they are adhering to policies and regulations.


Business analysts can explore data faster because the datasets, columns, and rows they’re permitted to access have already been established, and they don’t need to appeal to Data Services. This cuts down on the turnaround time and accelerates time-to-insight.

One of the core missions of my team is to make the Data Mesh happen while still maintaining everything that we need to maintain in terms of policies and data privacy constraints. Starburst is making my life a lot easier by creating the first mesh [platform] for business metrics, that we can start operating within.

Alexander Seeholzer,
Director, Data Services at SOPHiA GENETICS

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