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Starburst helps you make better decisions with fast access to all your data; Without the complexity of data movement and copies.

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We know the problem all too well

Your company has more data than ever before, but your data teams are stuck waiting to analyze it. Starburst unlocks access to data where it lives, no data movement required, giving your teams fast & accurate access to more data for analysis.

How it works

Starburst Enterprise is a fully supported, production-tested and enterprise-grade distribution of open source Trino (formerly Presto® SQL). It improves performance and security while making it easy to deploy, connect, and manage your Trino environment.

Through connecting to any source of data – whether it’s located on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid cloud environment – Starburst lets your team use the analytics tools they already know & love while accessing data that lives anywhere.

Hundreds of customers love Starburst

It's time to realize the potential of Trino (formerly PrestoSQL)


From petabytes to exabytes – run lightning-fast queries across sources, with high concurrency.


40+ supported enterprise connectors to your core systems.


Only the right people can access the right data with Starburst Global Security.


Easy configuration, automated deployments anywhere, and advanced monitoring.


By the largest team of Trino experts in the world.

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Starburst includes everything you need to install and run Trino on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop.

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Starburst Enterprise

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst offers a free, unlicensed version which includes:

  • Certified and secure releases
  • Cost-based optimization for federated queries
  • Connector extensions, including table statistics
  • Usage metrics

Data leaders trust Trino (formerly PrestoSQL)

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Trino.

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