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Widely-adopted communication platform improves query performance & reduces costs with Starburst

Providing a platform that effectively replaces email within organizations, allowing employees to easily collaborate individually or as teams

The technology this company supplies has become an essential component of the daily way of doing business within companies across many industries. The company stores its data entirely in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud, but querying this data with Amazon EMR had proven troublesome. Queries failed regularly, leading to increasing costs and a loss of confidence among various internal teams looking to glean insights from the data. The addition of Starburst, with its top-tier support and improved security, helped the company to focus its time on insights not scaling its data.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Business Communication Platform

Performance & Uptime

Previously the query success rate was volatile, fluctuating between 50-90%, and now is consistently above 99% with Starburst.

Cost Savings

The huge improvement in query success rate and cluster reliability translated into a 20% reduction in EC2 costs.


As the company prepared for its Initial Public Offering, Starburst’s integration with Apache Ranger helped demonstrate the company’s commitment to strong security.

We are the custodians of all the data that the product generates, and Starburst Enterprise is more or less at the center of our universe.

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