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Trino for Large-Scale ETL @ Lyft

By: Charles Song, Ritesh Varyani
January 25, 2023

Lyft operates one of the largest transportation networks in the world. A business like ours depends on data on so many levels. Data relating to…

Datanova 2023: an introduction to data contracts

By: Monica Miller
January 24, 2023

As a Chad Sanderson follower, I’ve had the pleasure of laughing at (and commiserating with) his amazing data memes that hit just a little too…

Has the notion of a single data source for Financial Services run its course?

By: Manveer Singh Sahota, Monica Miller
January 20, 2023

More than any other industry, Financial Services is likely to only partially realize the elusive utopian state of 'the single source of truth' for all…

Federating Data Products during migration

By: Levi Gibson
January 19, 2023

Organizations who are interested in adopting Data Mesh strategies have found success with Starburst and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by simplifying migrations and connecting GCP…

Datanova 2023: is Data Mesh the end of data engineering?

By: Monica Miller
January 18, 2023

Ladies and gentleman, are you ready to rumble? It’s time to witness a battle royale of epic proportions, data style.   Nothing elicits emotion like a…

Why data products matter

By: Cindy Ng
January 17, 2023

The increasing interest in data mesh architectures has driven more and more conversation around the concept of data as a product. Yet this idea didn’t…

Datanova 2023: gaze into the crystal ball as it reveals the future of data

By: Monica Miller
January 12, 2023

I’m a steadfast believer that this world operates with a little bit of magic. The data world is no different, whether it be the manipulation…

Obtenir un avantage concurrentiel grâce aux Data Products : 4 leviers d’optimisation clés

By: Adrian Estala, Gregory Lecointe
January 11, 2023

Read this blog in English Une récente enquête de Gartner menée auprès de plus de 2 000 CIOs, a mis en évidence l'importance d'accélérer la…

Building a federated data lakehouse with Starburst Galaxy

By: Monica Miller
January 11, 2023

We are eleven days into the new year, and I have spent the past two weeks exerting unreasonable amounts of effort trying to make this…

Build great data products and reduce cognitive load

By: Andy Mott, MBA
January 10, 2023

Regular readers of our blog know that many businesses have found success managing data as a product. In essence, they have learned how to govern,…

6 Reasons to Attend Datanova 2023: For Data Rebels

By: Jess Iandiorio
January 5, 2023

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared a few examples of what it means to be a data rebel. Hopefully you’ve recognized yourself in some…

Simplified Cloud Storage Governance with Starburst and Immuta

By: Ben Lumbert, Sam Carroll
January 4, 2023

Accessing data in cloud storage has been an ongoing challenge for analysts, data engineers, and organizations as a whole. Additional work is required to prepare…

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