Starburst Galaxy Launch Week wrap up

Five days, eight launches

Published: June 26, 2023

Last week, we shipped our inaugural Galaxy Launch Week. Here’s everything we launched in a single post.

Security: row-filters and column masks

In public preview

Managing access to data is a fundamental and critical need in any organization. The addition of row filters and column masks to Starburst Galaxy’s access control system lets you apply fine-grained governance and security to all of your connected data sources.

Gravity, universal data discovery, governance, and sharing

In public preview

We announced the public preview of Gravity – a universal data discovery, governance, and sharing layer that helps you manage all the data assets connected to your Galaxy domain. It’s built to make searching, organizing, governing, and sharing data assets (regardless of source or type) easy.

Partner Connect

In public preview

Partner Connect is a new portal in Starburst Galaxy that brings key partner connections to the forefront of the user experience. Initial connections include AWS QuickSight, dbt Cloud, GCP Looker, Hex Data, Metabase, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau Cloud, Tabular, Thoughtspot, and Zing Data. More are in development.

Cross-cloud analytics

Coming soon

Cross-cloud analytics is coming soon to Starburst Galaxy. With cross-cloud analytics, you can analyze data across clouds via a single SQL statement, minimizing the need for single-use ETL pipelines.

Great Lakes connectivity, a first-class experience for modern table formats

Generally available

Great Lakes connectivity abstracts away the details of using modern table formats and file types in your data lake. It lets you read and write to any table format via a simple SQL statement so that you can choose the format that’s right for each use case.

Data products

Generally available

We’ve released the ability to create and manage data products within Starburst Galaxy. If you want a secure, self-service way to exchange high-quality (aka gold standard) datasets with your stakeholders, check it out.

Warp Speed, smart indexing and caching

Public preview

We’ve officially launched Warp Speed clusters into public preview on Galaxy. Warp Speed is a smart indexing and caching solution that autonomously accelerates your interactive workloads by an average of 40%. Available for S3 and Tabular catalogs.

Galaxy is now powered by Graviton3

Available on four AWS regions

We are upgrading Starburst Galaxy’s AWS compute resources to Graviton3 instances. Early testing is showing up to a 30% boost in workload performance on our standard cluster. More regions coming soon.

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