Jumpstart your future: Starburst summer internships and insider application tips!

Last Updated: June 21, 2024

Calling all future All-Stars! Are you ready to jumpstart your career with an exciting summer at Starburst? Our annual Summer Internship Program is now accepting applications and we’d love to have you join the team.

Interning at Starburst is more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to explore potential career paths, grow professionally and personally, and do work that makes an impact on the business. You’ll experience the startup world’s unique energy, where creativity and entrepreneurship thrive. We’re hiring for roles in developer relations, revenue analytics, business developments, marketing, UX, and engineering.

No matter which department you intern in, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of all our business functions through team overviews and real-life case studies. You will also attend workshops designed to help you develop skills from public speaking and presenting to networking and time management.

Does our internship program sound like something you want to be a part of? Read on to learn more about our open roles and what the interview process entails.

Application process

In your application, you’ll be asked to upload your resume and answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in working at Starburst?
  2. What excites you about this role? 
  3. What criteria will you use to determine if this internship opportunity is right for you?
  4. How did you hear about this opportunity?

We receive thousands of internship applications, so make sure yours showcase a combination of relevant skills, experiences, and qualities. Here are some factors that can make a great intern candidate stand out:

  • Relevant skills, education, and coursework: Emphasize skills, degrees, and courses that are directly applicable to the internship.
  • Build an online presence: If you don’t have one already, create a professional LinkedIn profile with updated information.
  • Strong resume and cover letter: A well-crafted resume and cover letter tailored to the specific internship can make a significant difference. Communicate how your skills and experiences align with the internship requirements.
  • Passion for the company and role: Expressing genuine interest in Starburst and the role can demonstrate commitment. Research Starburst thoroughly and incorporate this knowledge into your application.

Interview process

Our interview process consists of 3 rounds where you’ll connect with each stakeholder for 30 minutes. 

Phone and Zoom video interviews

Be prepared to have both phone and zoom video interviews. 

  1. Recruiter Interview
  2. Hiring Manager Interview
  3. Peer Interview

STAR Method | Definition

We use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) for behavioral questions in the interview process. The STAR method involves presenting specific examples from your past experiences using the following components:

  • Situation: Briefly describe the context or circumstances.
  • Task: Clearly articulate the task or goal you were working toward.
  • Action: Describe the actions you took to address the situation or accomplish the task.
  • Result: Share the outcomes or results of your actions.

STAR Method | Example

Interview question: “Give me an example of when you had to be strategic in your tasks to meet all of your responsibilities under a specific deadline.”

  • Situation: Last semester, I was simultaneously leading a software engineering project worth 40% of my grade and serving as the captain of the soccer team during regional championships.
  • Task: My challenge was to effectively manage both responsibilities without compromising the success of either the project or my team.
  • Action: I created a detailed schedule to balance both commitments and utilized team collaboration tools for the project, like Trello and Slack, while strategically delegating soccer team tasks to manage my workload.
  • Result: The project was completed with an A grade, and the soccer team reached the finals in the championships, demonstrating my ability to strategically balance and succeed in multiple responsibilities.

What we look for in candidates 

  • Character: As a team, humility, grit, and authenticity are at the core of who we are. As individuals, we care more about what’s best for our company and customers over being right. We also recognize that startups have ups and downs and when we inevitably face hard times, our perseverance helps us stay the course and work harder. Through it all, we are authentic in everything we do and always operate with honesty.
  • Competence: As individuals, we are constantly striving to master our craft and give our best as we get things done. While individual contributions are recognized and rewarded, we also work to build an inclusive meritocracy across the entire organization where accountability is key. High performance at Starburst is both an individual and team sport.
  • Ownership: Everyone is an owner at Starburst and has the autonomy to make a significant impact on where we are today and where we are going. Regardless of the role you perform here, we want drivers. If you see something that can be improved, don’t wait for someone else to improve it. 

Interview tips

  • Research Starburst: Have a basic understanding of our mission, values, and products.
  • Prepare questions: Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company and role by asking thoughtful questions.
  • Express gratitude: Follow up professionally by sending a thank you email.

Remember, interviews are not only an opportunity for the employer to learn about you but also for you to assess whether the company and internship align with your goals and values. Approach the interview with confidence, preparation, and authenticity. 

Open Positions

  • Developer Relations Engineer Intern
  • UX Intern
  • Revenue Analytics and Strategy Intern
  • Starburst Partner & Alliances Intern
  • Software Engineer Intern 
  • Software Engineer Intern  
  • Software Engineer Intern 
  • Customer Marketing Intern
  • MBA Marketing Strategy Intern

Good luck and we look forward to reviewing your application!

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