Starburst and Dell expand partnership to accelerate AI efforts with more intelligent data collection

Dell Technologies, CTO Joe Steiner, in conversation with Rick DeMare on the joint offering with Starburst and the benefits to customers

Last Updated: March 15, 2024

Dell’s Joe Steiner and Rick DeMare recognize the business value of the Dell and Starburst partnership in driving innovation and accelerating insights by breaking down data silos. It eliminates friction for data engineers, reduces business inefficiencies, and enables faster & easier access to data for business insights.

Solving Dell customers’ most challenging data silo issues

Joe firmly believes that the Dell and Starburst pre-packaged Data Lakehouse offerings will help him and the Dell team uniquely solve their most innovative customers’ analytics, data access and data platform issues. 

He told me: “97% of the 130 customers we targeted in our pilot are dealing with data silo issues. We’re delighted to hear how well the concept of us working with Starburst has landed with them.

We can help customers build a future-proof, modern & open data lakehouse.  These customers are innovative and are looking to modernize their data estate, and with our combined solution and high level of automation, we can get them to value fast. For our joint customer, the Dell offering is the catalyst for adopting AI and effective analytics to drive innovation across verticals, from financial services and healthcare to manufacturing and oil and gas.

A single point of access for analytics drives speed to insight

Our joint open & modern data lake house offering drives innovation and speed to insight. Starburst and Dell provide organizations with a singular access layer for their BI/ML/AL analytics tools to access all their data sources around their Dell storage, no matter where the data resides. 

Starburst manages the data compute and SQL queries through our data lakehouse analytics platform. Starburst then connects, merges, and govern the data sources to provide one access layer for their BI/ML/AL analytics tools. This process enables innovation and time to insights, as Joe mentioned.

Benefits for organizations of any size with data in multiple locations

Joe and I both feel that Starburst’s collaboration with Dell will benefit organizations of any size with data sitting in different places and or in multiple regions with different data regulation requirements on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

An example would be: We could take a single point of access and put it in one country, the United Kingdom. We’d then have a second satellite system in Germany, for example. 

Those two systems will query the data points they require, summarize the data set, and physically get a result set. The German system would then share the results set with the British cluster and come up with a summarized answer.

This would eliminate the need to move data from point A to point B physically. It would also manage egress costs, given data wouldn’t have to be pulled from point B.

Extracting data from silos to deliver outcomes in new ways

At Starburst, we aim to free our customers to see the invisible and achieve the impossible. We also understand that it’s easier to change the world of our customers for the better if we allow them easy access to all their data regardless of where it lives and without having to move or copy their data.

That’s why we at Starburst are delighted to build this open, modern data lake offering with Dell and bring our customers to value faster due to the platform packaging and automation for our joint customers.

Joe concluded: “We’re very excited to announce that Dell Technologies is collaborating with Starburst. Centralizing data management and analytics for our customers and helping them reach in and extract data from silos to help deliver fast & effective analytics insights and AI outcomes.”

Find out more about Starburst and Dell and our multi-cloud data analytics solution. Or speak to one of our experts about what we can do together for your organization.

Read our joint press release for more information.

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