Starburst and Dell

Dell Object Storage Powered by Starburst

Dell Technologies and Starburst together offer a multi-cloud data analytics solution enabling customers to run their business intelligence, analytics, and data science workloads and access data spread across the enterprise using the Starburst’s data lake analytics platform

The complexities of the underlying data sources and data formats are abstracted from the end user, thus greatly simplifying the consumption experience. Customers can also build data products to enable greater governance and reuse of data assets across their enterprise


Combining the power of Starburst and Dell PowerEdge compute with Dell PowerScale and ECS Object Store, customers can benefit from being able to create a modern data lake at petabyte scale. 

And by separating Dell ECS Storage from Starburst/PowerEdge Compute this allows data lake queries to run faster than the most performant data warehouses available.

Starburst is a single point of access to all of the customers analytical data storage

Empowers data teams to:

  • Quickly deploy a thoroughly tested architecture comprising Dell hardware, Starburst Enterprise, and other software on-premises
  • Move data intelligently into a data lake based on usage patterns
  • Prevent vendor lock-in with support for the most popular open table and file formats
  • Separate compute and storage and scale flexibly and efficiently
  • Harness the innovations in latest generation of Dell ECS appliances as a data lake storage

Accelerate your time to value in a multi-cloud world

With its hybrid data architecture, Starburst provides the fastest, most efficient analytics engine for data warehouses, data lakes, or data mesh. 

How can you take that innovation and accelerate time to value further? 

By partnering with Dell Technologies to help customers overcome the challenge of data silos across their multi-cloud environment spanning public cloud, private cloud and on-premises

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