Starburst and Dell

A fully managed data platform built on Dell hardware with a full-service software suite.

90% faster time to information insight

53% lower total cost of ownership

100% future-proof architecture

Do it all with one simplified platform

Designed to streamline data operations and diminish complexity, this turnkey solution encompassing compute and software components simplifies deployment and lifecycle management to ensure efficiency and ease of management through your system’s lifespan

Eliminate data silos

Enhance data exploration with secure, federated querying powered by Starburst, that accelerates time to insights and reveals usage patterns to enable smart data centralization in the data lakehouse

Take control of your data

The Data Lakehouse is 100% open-format-drive and future-ready with modern industry standards and built-in data governance, you can remain in control of your data and navigate evolving landscapes with confidence and clarity

Accelerate Insights

Unlock unparalleled performance at scale through the separation of compute and storage to achieve peak performance levels, ensuring optimal efficiency and scalability across your operations

Democratize Analytics and AI

Give your data team self-service access to data products with integrations into a wide ecosystem to enable a wider reach for innovation across the organization and foster a culture of collaboration and exploration that moves your business forward

The Cube Interview: The Dell Data Lakehouse

Accelerate AI with an open, modern data lakehouse. Quickly query all enterprise data, regardless of location or data source, in one location without movement using the full-stack, AI-ready Dell Data Lakehouse. Intelligently manage your data to accelerate your rate of innovation.


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