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Fully-managed platform built on open-source Trino + Iceberg to provide the most open, price-performant, and integrated data lakehouse.

Data companies build their Icehouse with Starburst

What is an Icehouse?

An Icehouse is a specialized data lakehouse architecture that leverages Trino as the query engine and Apache Iceberg as the table format. This innovative combination was developed to provide cost-effective and high-performance analytics capabilities, similar to those found in traditional data warehouses, on data lakes.

Starburst provides a fully-managed solution to easily build, manage, and deploy an Icehouse architecture offering best of open standards, better performance and improved total cost of ownership than data warehouses.


Benefit from the performance of an optimized data warehouse with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a data lake, at scale.

Easy to use

Run integrated and faster analytics in minutes with a fully-managed platform built using enhanced Trino and Iceberg.

Truly open

Developed by the original creators of Trino, the Starburst open lakehouse frees businesses from vendor lock-in, enabling data teams to extract greater value from existing investments.

Starburst recognized as a leader in 2024 GigaOm Data Lakehouses Radar for two consecutive years

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Fully-managed from ingest to share

Ingest data in Iceberg format in your cloud data lake, ready to query in just minutes. Starburst automates essential tasks such as data compaction, purging, table optimizations, and more to ensure your Iceberg tables are highly optimized for downstream analysis.

Simplify complex ELT/ETL. Use standard SQL to apply transformations to Iceberg tables, write new data pipelines, or join across 50+ data sources, modern and legacy alike. Starburst’s resilient infrastructure ensures reliable, enhanced fault-tolerant query processing, empowering you to optimize critical analytics with reduced downtime.

Gain comprehensive data governance capabilities with Gravity, Starburst’s governance and security layer. From universal discovery to role and attribute-level access controls, dynamic masking, intelligent PII policies, robust data observability, and more, Gravity ensures holistic data governance across all connected assets.

Built with enhanced OS Trino, our price-performant SQL query engine is tailored for high concurrency workloads on petabyte-scale data. With advanced performance features like Warp Speed, multilayer caching, smart autoscaling, and more, Starburst delivers lightning-fast performance on your optimized Iceberg tables. 

Provide teams and external partners with curated data products powered by Iceberg + Trino, without the need to move data. Starburst simplifies secure data sharing and collaboration on the same source so you can power downstream applications, enable near-real-time analytics, and enhance AI/ML model training with new purpose-built data sets.

Optimize performance, cut costs,
and unlock new insights

The move to Starburst and Iceberg has resulted in a 12x reduction in compute costs versus our previous data warehouse. This efficiency allows us to focus on using analytics for revenue- generating opportunities.

Peter Lim

Sr. Data Engineer, Yello

With Starburst, we were able to improve our query performance 5-7x compared to the start of the year.

Akshat Nair

Engineering Manager, Doordash

We chose Galaxy because of the flexibility it offers to connect to so many different types of tools and data sources. This ensures that we can stay flexible and iterate quickly.

Simon Thelin

Lead Data Engineer, 7bridges


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