Solution Brief

Next-Gen Data Management with Icehouse Architecture


Struggling with poor query performance, data fragmentation, or the inability to scale your data architecture to meet growing demands? The Icehouse architecture, powered by Trino and Apache Iceberg, offers a robust, scalable, and high-performance solution for modern data management on an open platform.

This Architecture brief will explain the Key Benefits of the Icehouse Architecture:

  • Open and Interoperable: Enjoy flexibility without vendor lock-in.
  • Price-Performance: Achieve faster query speeds and reduced compute costs.
  • Scalable and Cost-Efficient: Outperform traditional data warehouses.
  • SQL-First Approach: Leverage Trino’s powerful ANSI SQL engine.

Discover how Starburst Galaxy’s fully-managed Icehouse architecture simplifies every aspect of big data management, from data ingestion to data sharing. With Galaxy, you can seamlessly build and hydrate your data lake with highly optimized Iceberg tables, while delivering best-in-class price-performance, scalability, and robust data governance, surpassing that of optimized data warehouses.


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