Starburst Galaxy

A single platform for discovering and analyzing all your data

Starburst Galaxy is a fully-managed data lake analytics platform designed for handling petabyte-scale data sets in and around your cloud data lake. Discover, govern, analyze, and share data across all three clouds from a single platform.

AWS Azure Google Cloud

Your open data architecture, our platform

Perform analytics on your data lake, run federated queries, investigate your data sources, and more – all from a single platform.


Universal discovery, governance, and sharing

Gravity is a universal discovery, governance, and sharing layer that enables the management of all data assets connected to Starburst Galaxy. It offers features to make searching, organizing, governing, and sharing data assets easy.

    • Simplified data discovery and cataloging
    • Built-in access controls down to the row-level
    • Data product creation and sharing capabilities

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Performance at scale

Starburst Galaxy is powered by open source Trino and is designed for analyzing large and complex data sets in and around your cloud data lake – from gigabyte to petabyte scale.

    • Run internet-scale SQL workloads with the power of Trino
    • Accelerate interactive queries 40%+ with Warp Speed – proprietary smart indexing and caching technology
    • Run long-running workloads without the fear of query failure using fault-tolerant execution


Access to all your data

    Every data store is a first-class entity in Starburst Galaxy. Use the architecture that meets your needs today and easily change it when new needs emerge.

      • Connect to 18+ cloud data sources
      • Leverage all modern open table and file formats
      • Analyze your data cross-region and cross-cloud (coming soon) from a single query

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