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Case Study


Visible Systems leverages Starburst Galaxy to power their SaaS platform

Integrating data modeling and data discovery to help companies analyze the necessary data to execute their business strategy

Visible has provided change management solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the world, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, Raytheon, and many more. The company’s clients and prospects face many of the same challenges. Their data is often distributed across multiple platforms, from traditional data warehouses to cloud data lakes. Extracting insight from this distributed data can be time-consuming, expensive, and immensely challenging. Yet this is the whole focus of Visible’s business. Its solutions help its clients spend less time requesting and waiting for data, and more time understanding, analyzing, and gaining actionable insights from data.


How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Visible Systems

High-Performance Connectors

Visible's customer data resides in a wide range of platforms. Starburst develops and maintains high-performance connectors that enable fast queries on data residing in these platforms and many others.

Faster, Better Decisions

Visible works to help companies spend less time requesting and waiting for data, and more time gaining actionable insights. Starburst Galaxy supports this mission by accelerating time-to-insight with its high-performance query engine.

BI Integration

Visible’s SaaS platform is designed to help customers drill down into their data to gain insights, then customize these insights through visualization tools like Tableau and Superset which integrate seamlessly with Starburst.

Through Starburst, our solution is able to connect to the right data at the right time, giving clinicians the information they need to make the right decisions in real-time.

Michael Cesino,
CEO, Visible Systems Corporation

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