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El Toro

El Toro optimizes query performance by 300% with Starburst to power Data Lake Analytics

Disrupting online advertising with IP targeting technology that analyzes thousands of data sets in real-time for precision advertising campaigns

El Toro gives advertisers the ability to target their intended online customer base by onboarding and matching CRM data with realtime IP address location for true one-to-one marketing. On any given day, El Toro’s Machine Learning algorithms digest over 400 million data points, requiring a fast, scalable query engine to facilitate ad-hoc analytics on a massive scale.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits El Toro:

Query Performance

With exclusive connectors that allow the query engine to generate faster and more optimal query plans, El Toro has seen a 300% improvement in query performance compared to what they would’ve built on their own.


Quicker, easier access to data results in improved time-to-market for launching advertising campaigns. Powered by Starburst’s query engine, El Toro is able to launch thousands of campaigns per day.

Cost Savings

By empowering data consumers to access data from wherever it resides, El Toro evaluated a five million dollar savings from the alternative option of moving its data stack to a data warehouse.

Richard Teachout

The needs we were struggling with was exactly why we ended up with Trino, and Starburst was a very natural next step for us as an Enterprise company – it makes data access easier, better, more supported, more stable, and more developed without needing to put the resources in place.

Richard Teachout, CTO of El Toro

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