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Aerospike leverages Starburst to unlock new revenue streams and drive higher customer satisfaction

Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst delivers ad-hoc queries for Fortune 500 enterprises

Aerospike Inc. is the real-time data platform leader serving the Fortune 500 and government entities around the world. Aerospike provides the ideal platform for data analysis, though to perform data analysis requires cumbersome programming knowledge specific to Aerospike. Groups such as data auditors, data scientists, and data analysts needed sequel access to view Aerospike’s real-time NoSQL data. By partnering with Starburst, Aerospike democratizes data access so any user base can easily query data and generate critical business insights in near-real time using their favorite business intelligence and analytics tools.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Aerospike

Enhanced Product Offering

Aerospike’s new product line, Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst, brings tremendous value to the company with the offering of real-time analytics on Aerospike’s data.

New Revenue Streams

Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst allows users to query data with popular SQL-based business intelligence and analytics tools, and this allows Aerospike to reach a broader customer base.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Aerospike has increased customer satisfaction and customer retention rates. “Our customers are so much happier now [with Starburst]. We’re providing the perfect value for them,” says Lenley Hensarling, Chief Product Officer at Aerospike.

Subbu Iyer

Today’s modern Data Mesh architecture must support a growing amount of real-time data ingested at the edge and stored at the core. We are happy to partner with Starburst to bring to market a high-scale, high-performance SQL solution that enables data analysts and data scientists to run massively parallel complex queries on data across Aerospike clusters distributed anywhere.

Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike

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