Starburst Galaxy

Security & Trust Center

Starburst is dedicated to securing and protecting your data – with strong technical controls, regulatory compliance, organizational standards and processes.


Starburst Galaxy offers built-in security controls to protect all of your data – including support for enterprise-grade features like RBAC/ABAC, data encryption, and data masking


Easily configure and integrate with third-party authentication services to increase security and centralize security controls.

  • SSO with identity provider integration
  • SCIM provisioning to manage user identities and groups
  • Service principals or service accounts to manage application identities
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Access management

Galaxy provides role-based and attribute-based access controls to manage all privileges and available actions – down to the row-level.

  • Row-based and attribute-based access controls (RBAC/ABAC)
  • Row-filters and column masking
  • Flexible management via APIs and the Galaxy UI
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Data and network security

Starburst Galaxy does not store any customer data. With Galaxy, the compute layer exists in your Galaxy account rather than your cloud account.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Fine-grained data security and masking
  • Connection via AWS PrivateLink (Azure and GCP private connect coming soon)
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With an availability guarantee for all clusters used for production deployments across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Starburst clusters are global and highly available.

99.5% Uptime SLA
24/7 Expert support
30 Minute response time

“Starburst hits the sweet spot for us because it delivers exactly what we need, and it’s built on proven technology that has been out there in the market and tested at large companies."

Justin Byrd, VP of Data Platform & Integration at Novant Health

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Starburst undergoes independent verification of platform security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet regulatory and policy objectives, including unique compliance needs of highly-regulated industries.

Security Documentation

Starburst includes documentation on how to operate our security features and best practices to help our customers deploy quickly and securely.

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