Starburst Data Rebels

Introducing Starburst Data Rebels — True visionaries, daring data pioneers, and Starburst customers who inspire the world to rise against the evils of the data world by daring to do data differently. These Data Rebels have fearlessly navigated the complex terrain of data, challenging conventional norms and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They’ve transcended the limitations of monolithic data architectures, landing on a transformative “single point of secure data access.” With Starburst as their steadfast companion, they’ve elevated their businesses to unprecedented heights. Explore the Data Rebels’ stories of technological breakthroughs, uncovering new revenue streams, accelerating time-to-insight, boosting customer conversions, and more.

Richard Jarvis


I’m really proud of generating an outcome for humanity that has changed the way we treat COVID-19 with Starburst.

Sachin Menon

Senior Director of Data, Priceline

We are reducing our storage costs by 5X-10X by leaving data in its unstructured, raw form, and accessing it through Starburst.

Dan Cook

Senior Product Director of Data Platforms and Analytics, doxo

Starburst is central to our data and analytics strategy. It has eliminated our need to make copies of all our data which in turn saves us time!

Shen Wang

Principal Data Engineer, AssuranceIQ

By deploying Starburst, we’ve reduced our time-to-insight from months to hours, strengthened our security, reduced costs by 40%, and increased our overall conversion rate by over 10%.

Michael Cesino

CEO and Co-Founder, Visible Systems Corporation

With Starburst, we are able to help the victims of human trafficking by providing clinicians the right data at the right time.

Alexander Seeholzer

Director of Data Services, SOPHiA GENETICS

Starburst is making my life a lot easier by helping us realize a Business Data Mesh we can operate within.

Ritesh Ranjan

Lead Data Architect, Sky

When we started implementing a Data Mesh, we quickly discovered that Starburst was the leading company in the space.

Venkata Bitra

Venkata Bitra, Platform Owner, Société Générale

Abhi Agarwal

Abhi Agarwal, Software Engineer, Sophia Genetics

Jason Kehl

SVP Engineering and Data Science, Vectra

Starburst Galaxy allows us to take a load off of engineering. We don’t have to become experts in Trino or experts in managing Trino. We can focus on business needs – whether it’s performance work, feature work, or the one-off requests you get from large customers.

Murali Vridhachalam

Head of Cloud, Data and Analytics, Gilead Sciences

The Enterprise Data & Analytics team at Gilead has made great progress towards achieving a data mesh, which empowers thousands of users at Gilead. We’re happy to partner with Thoughtworks and AWS to use Starburst as the access layer for the data mesh, providing faster access to hundreds of data products..

Isa Inalcik

Sr Data Engineer, BestSecret

We moved from a monolithic Snowflake approach to a decentralized approach with Starburst and Iceberg. Now we can skip the data warehouse step completely, and complete analytics on the data right where it sits.

Sajumon Joseph

Sr Principal Architect, Comcast

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