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Intensified competition, market volatility, evolving customer expectations, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment is creating a perfect storm of uncertainty and pressure for financial institutions. As banks, investment firms, insurers, and indexes examine their strategies to continue to maximize return on assets in a compliant and sustainable manner, the role of enterprise and third-party data, including alternative data, is becoming increasingly critical to their success.

With digital transformation efforts in full flight and cloud adoption on the rise, there are other options than waiting for data centralization efforts to be completed to start extracting value from data. Instead, financial institutions need to adopt a framework that enables them to extract critical insights and act on their troves of data today – regardless of where it’s stored. A framework that runs in parallel and supports their digital transformation strategies to meet customer, regulatory, and competitive pressures.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  1. How financial firms can drive monumental change with all their data faster — dramatically improve time to insight to unlock new business models, grow new and existing revenue streams, and deepen customer relationships.
  2. How to drive meaningful business impact by simplifying how internal and third-party data is stored, accessed, and used.
  3. How financial firms like Finra, Assurance, Inter, and a top 4 US Bank, are using Starburst to enhance their analytics solutions from Anti-Money Laundering to Personalization and Client360.

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