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Domino Data Lab provides instant access to data exploration with Starburst

Domino Data Lab embeds Starburst into its Machine Learning Platform and reduces connector development time by 90%

Domino Data Lab powers model-driven business for the world’s most advanced enterprises, including over 20% of the Fortune 100 companies. Data connectivity is a key component of the data science lifecycle, however Domino Data Lab was challenged to enable secure and seamless data access to the plethora of data sources its customers worked with. After evaluating the option to build data connectors in-house, the company decided to partner with Starburst to ensure data sources are easily accessible and shared among data scientists.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Domino Data Lab

90% Reduction in Connector Development Time

Data connectors that would’ve taken weeks to months to build now take only one to two days to deploy with Starburst.

3X Cost Savings

Thousands of dollars are saved in engineering costs, totalling a 3X cost savings over building connectors in-house.

New Revenue Streams

Data source connectivity unlocks new revenue streams and drives growth in the total addressable market by expanding the number of clients that can be served based on the new data sources that connect to the Enterprise MLOps platform.

The data warehouse and data lake space is constantly evolving, and our enterprise focus means we have to support customer requirements across different platforms. Starburst gives us the ability to move quickly to support ever-changing use cases within complex enterprise environments.

David Schulman,
Head of Partner Marketing at Domino Data Lab

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