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Optum sees improved data access, accelerated time-to-insight, and reduced costs by deploying Starburst Enterprise

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Information technology service provider Optum is dedicated to shaping a healthcare system that gives patients a complete view of their health, providing them with personalized insights that lead to improved outcomes. The company’s mission depends in part on providing its analysts with fast, secure access to data. Initially, Optum’s data lake architecture couldn’t support its needs at scale. Tired of poor query performance and inefficient resource utilization, they needed a solution.


How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Optum

Accelerated Ad Hoc Queries

Improved performance was essential for Optum, and ad hoc queries with Starburst are 10X faster than Hive, and 2X to 3X faster than Spark.

30% Drop in Infrastructure Resources

One of the primary advantages of Starburst Enterprise is that it separates storage from compute, keeping Optum from paying for resources they aren’t actively using and reducing resource utilization by 30%.

No More ETL or Data Duplication

With Trino, if an analyst needs to query data residing in two siloed databases, no ETL is necessary. Starburst allows analysts to quickly and easily query data where it lies.

Providing users with one endpoint is so much easier. They can use the same familiar tools,
but everything is happening faster.

Mike Prior,
Principal IO Engineer, Optum

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