Case Study

Banco Inter

Banco Inter leverages Starburst to gain immediate data access and reduce infrastructure costs by over $100,000 per month

Banco Inter unlocks the value of data with revenue-generating insights through Starburst Enterprise

Banco Inter (Inter) is a financial technology company based in Brazil. As Brazil’s first digital bank, the company has a history of paving the way for digital innovation in the banking industry. After evolving the business to become a provider of financial and nonfinancial products and services through Inter’s Super App, the Brazilian bank transitioned to the data lake architecture to unlock the power of big data. Without a scalable and performant query solution, Inter struggled to generate quick insights that were needed to shape the future of the digital marketplace. That’s when they turned to Starburst.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Banco Inter:

Revenue Generation

Data consumers have a single point of access to all of the company and customer’s data to understand consumer behavior, resulting in increased revenue from upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Increased Analytics Access

Starburst’s federated semantic layer democratizes data for Inter by allowing thousands of data consumers to concurrently access huge amounts of data sets at high query volume with low latency.

Hundreds of Thousands in Cost Savings

Inter is able to reduce infrastructure costs dramatically by moving from Amazon Redshift (which cost the company $100,000 per month) and Amazon Athena to S3 and Starburst.

Every new process, every new idea, and every new initiative can and will be based on data. Starburst empowers our decision makers to have the best information on a complete set of data. It is a shifting point that will impact the future of the company.

André Gortari, Data Engineering Manager at Banco Inter

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