Case Study

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim improves data access, speeds time-to-insight, and delivers a superior customer experience with Starburst

Bank Hapoalim leverages Starburst for Data Lake Analytics

Bank Hapoalim is one of the largest banks in Israel, with global operations in 20 countries. After more than 20 years of storing data in a traditional data warehouse, Bank Hapoalim implemented a data lake in order to modernize and scale operations without infrastructure limitations. However, long ETL pipelines and query performance issues hindered the bank’s ability to gain quick insights into the business. By implementing Starburst on top of the data lake, Bank Hapoalim has reduced time-to-insight, gained easy access to more data sources, and future-proofed the organization with scalable technology.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Bank Hapoalim:

Greater Query Performance

Starburst improves query performance through enhancements such as dynamic filtering, cost-based optimizer, query pushdown, and cached views

Quicker Time-to-Insight

Data scientists and analysts are enabled to get new models and applications into the hands of business decision-makers more quickly

Enhanced Self-Service Analytics

Starburst connects to Qlik and serves as the data consumption layer – decreasing time to value by allowing analysts and data consumers to execute federated queries at enormous speed


In the last couple of years we have led a data revolution in Bank Hapoalim, and were able to significantly shorten the time-to-market following the implementation of a new analytical platform, which Starburst is an integral part of.

Alon Mei-raz, VP of Data and Insights at Bank Hapoalim

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