Modern Data Lakes For Dummies

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When it comes to modern data lakes, constructing an open architecture is crucial for ensuring the long-term viability of your company without being tied to a specific engine or storage format. This approach empowers data users to directly access data within the data lake using SQL, it simplifies complexity, and also streamlines the work of data teams.

Here are the top four considerations for building or repurposing your data lake to handle a wider range of use cases:

  1. Avoid vendor lock-in
  2. Embrace open source solutions
  3. Prioritize experience
  4. Seek additional platform features

By adopting a modern data lake, storing data in vendor-agnostic formats, you can effectively facilitate data democratization both in the present and in the future, enabling seamless accessibility and utilization of your organization’s data

Pre-order your free copy

Meet the Author

Tom Nats

Director of Customer Solutions

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Tom Nats is a founding Solution Architect at Starburst. He’s worked in the data analytics and infrastructure space for the past 20+ years at companies such as Starburst, Databricks, Teradata, Comcast, and Data Source Solutions.

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