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Selecting the right data lakehouse platform

Key criteria to consider

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Welcome to our comprehensive report on data lakehouse platforms, presented by Eckerson Group. Delve into the innovative architecture of data lakehouses, which seamlessly integrate the capabilities of traditional data lakes and data warehouses. Understand how this approach is revolutionizing data management and analytics.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • Unveil how data lakehouses are transforming data ecosystems, offering a unified, converged platform
  • Explore the fundamentals and the innovative architecture of data lakehouses
  • Dive deep into the features that set data lakehouses apart, including ACID capabilities, consistency, governance, and more
  • Learn how to effectively deploy a data lakehouse in both greenfield and brownfield environments
  • Discover the emerging trends and the pivotal role of data lakehouses in shaping AI and data engineering

Exclusive insights for your business:

  • Grasp the next-generation data architecture for batch processing, stream processing, and advanced analytics
  • Get expert advice on leveraging data federation capabilities and understanding the implications of different table format

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