Modernize Hadoop to Icehouse

Technical guide for on-premises and cloud modernization of Hive/Impala, HDFS, and Hive tables

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Hadoop has been a cornerstone for handling large-scale data processing. However, with the emergence of more performant and efficient on-premises big data analytics hardware and software, cloud-native architectures and the demand for more agile and efficient data handling, organizations are shifting towards open data lakehouse architectures. Starburst, leveraging the power of enhanced Trino, presents a cutting-edge solution to meet enterprises where they are in their Hadoop modernization journeys.

Who this eBook is for:

  • Data and analytics platform administrators
  • Data engineers
  • Data & analytics leaders

What you’ll learn:

  • The intricacies of modernizing Hadoop infrastructures with Starburst
  • How to approach modernization in three phases – engine upgrade, full on-premises modernization, and a cloud data lake centric model
  • A comprehensive understanding of the process, cost implications, and benefits

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