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Priceline reduces storage costs by 5X to 10X and accelerates time-to-insight with Starburst

Leveraging data science and analytics to deliver personalized recommendations to millions of travelers worldwide

The global travel brand Priceline recently launched a major data transformation initiative to leverage vast amounts of streaming and historical datasets stored across different cloud and on-prem systems. The company wanted to democratize data access and give its users a high-performance, cost-effective way to transform all that raw information into novel insights. The solution Priceline envisioned would need to provide the necessary security guardrails, maintain agility and flexibility, and support the company’s move to a decentralized Data Mesh infrastructure. After evaluating its options, Priceline selected Starburst Enterprise.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Priceline

Security & Access Controls

Starburst allows the team at Priceline to apply fine-grained access controls to unstructured datasets – a capability the company lacked previously – and strengthens security with regards to their distributed datasets.

Cloud Storage Savings

Starburst separates storage and compute, so Priceline can move a significant volume of that data into an unstructured format and reduce its storage costs by 5X to 10X – without surrendering access.

Faster Time-to-Insight

Previously, data processing required ETL, so by the time Priceline had the data to make a decision, at least a day or two had passed. Now, Priceline is accelerating that timeline to decisions being made in near real-time.

Sachin Menon

We’re on a journey to democratize data. There’s so much we don’t know and so many elements we have not tapped into. With Starburst, there’s so much more we can explore to drive decisions and insights.

Sachin Gopalakrishna Menon,
Senior Director of Data, at Priceline

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