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Wherever you are on your data journey, let’s face it: Data is scattered, complex, and ever-evolving. Data silos continue to be a challenge despite decades-long efforts to create a single source of truth.

Legacy data lakes and data warehouses such as Hadoop and Teradata attempted to address this problem by requiring all data to be landed in their systems. But it was hard for data analysts to run interactive queries on such large datasets without them failing.

Trino, formerly known as PrestoSQL, was created in 2012 at Facebook to address this problem. It enabled Facebook to run analytics on their Hive/Hadoop data lake at petabyte scale without the need for unnecessary, costly data movement. Like other open-source products, Trino requires resources and ongoing technical support to deploy at scale. 

The creators of Trino founded Starburst to help organizations extract the most value from their Trino investments. Starburst offers a full-featured data lake analytics platform built on open source Trino. With Starburst, teams can access all of their data, lower infrastructure costs, use the tools best suited to their specific needs, and avoid vendor lock-in. 

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  1. Introduction to Open Source Trino
  2. Stories of why data teams, from both large global enterprises and digitally native businesses, have upgraded to Starburst 
  3. A comprehensive comparison of Trino and Starburst
  4. Starburst platform and solutions overview 
  5. How to upgrade from Trino to Starburst  

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