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One of the core reasons organizations select Starburst Enterprise is the added security features that we’ve built into the Trino SQL engine.

These include fine-grained access control, data masking and encryption, column and row level security, query auditing, as well as integration with Apache Ranger.

This guide provides details on all of the enterprise security features provided by Starburst Enterprise along with extensive event logging and robust fine-grained access control.

Key Takeaways

  • Starburst Architecture
  • Achieving Enterprise-Grade Security
  • End-to-End Encryption & Authentication
  • Fine-Grained Access Control
  • Detailed Security Auditing

Download The Book

Starburst Enterprise

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst offers a free, unlicensed version which includes:

  • Certified and secure releases
  • Cost-based optimization for federated queries
  • Connector extensions, including table statistics
  • Usage metrics

Data leaders trust Trino (formerly PrestoSQL)

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Trino.

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