Economic Validation Report

Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Starburst Enterprise


Businesses can obtain significant value and achieve huge cost savings when data can be queried for insights and opportunities. In this report, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Starburst Enterprise, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) validates the economic impact of Starburst. ESG found that with Starburst, organizations can shorten the time-to-insight by up to 90%, reduce the costs of data analytics by up to 53%, as well as enable an increase in revenue of up to 2%.

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  • How the productization of data increases revenue and determines new business opportunities
  • How Starburst offers the capability to discover and query data regardless of location or type
  • How organizations can improve security and risk posture by minimizing the movement and translation of data while keeping data masked and encrypted
  • The value of empowering organizations to quickly validate ideas, drive revenue decisions, allocate more effective use of resources, and reduce business risk


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